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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

So many questions.....

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TrudyW · 18/04/2013 19:25

Hi there,
I am just wondering if anyone has had a successful pregnancy following a MMC at 13weeks? We went to our scan to find out there was no heartbeat. This was in Oct '12 and I am just wondering if I should just expect the same again next time? And am I right expect an earlier scan and ante-natal care next time? Feeling confused!

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Jollyb · 18/04/2013 20:07

Hi Trudy

Sorry you're going through this. Most women go on to have healthy pregnancies after miscarrying. With a history of 1 or 2 MCs your odds of a successful pregnancy are the same as everyone else.

Regarding early scans etc. This varies area by area. Some EPUs will offer reassurance scans to anyone who has had a MC others are a bit stricter and will only do this if you have had recurrent MCs. It's worth speaking to your GP about this. If you can't get one on the NHS - a private scan usually costs between 50-100 pounds.

Hope that helps

TrudyW · 18/04/2013 20:25

Thank you for your reply, I am currently 11weeks 3days pregnant, I just don't like to say on here as don't want to upset others. I've only just had my booking appointment and am still waiting for my scan, I just feel like I'm not being taking seriously and feel stupid for being anxious. With our miscarriage I was 13weeks and found out at the scan so I'm just fretting its going to happen this time, I just need to know there's a heartbeat so I can start to enjoy being pregnant, tell people and just be happy. I have a huge bump and its getting really hard to hide and I'm dreading someone asking me in case I then have to tell them there wasn't a heartbeat again at a later date! I think I'm slightly worse as it would have been baby's due date next Friday and I'm dreading it! I just want this scan, midwife has said I should have an appointment within a week it just seems to be taking forever and my midwife said she had no idea that I'd previously had a miscarriage as it wasn't included in my GPs referral! I'm stressed out and sacred I'm causing this baby damage! Sorry for rambling x

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vix206 · 19/04/2013 06:51

Hi Trudy, by this stage your midwife should be able to pick up the heartbeat with a Doppler. Could you ask her to do that for a bit of reassurance?

TrudyW · 19/04/2013 16:28

She didn't mention a Doppler so I didn't ask. I sometimes feel like I shouldn't be making a big deal of it!
I have got my scan in the post today and its next Friday which is the due date of our lost baby which is really strange, I hope its good news as I was already dreading that day! I'm just gonna try and relax for another whole week now! Fingers crossed that this next week doesn't drag!

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Jollyb · 19/04/2013 20:13

Trudy there's nothing we can say to make the week go faster, but you just have to keep telling yourself that the chances are that all will be fine. Good luck

fengirl1 · 19/04/2013 20:22

Trudy I had a mmc at the same gestation as you. My next pregnancy made me feel truly terrified most of the time as I fealt I couldn't trust my own body, so I totally understand how you feel. I was very lucky and was able to go and hear the heartbeat every week until I fealt I didn't need to any more. I hope you get to relax and enjoy your pregnancy soon. (In case you're wondering, I went on to have a 9lb dd born at 40+8. Smile)

TrudyW · 19/04/2013 23:13

Thank you for your replies and support and I know that my miscarriage was probably "just one of those things" and there isn't an underlying cause, it just literally killed my hubby and me. And once its happened to you I'm sure you can never really have a normal pregnancy again, worry and anxiety wise I mean. I do have a busy week next week so hopefully it won't drag too much, I just can't wait to see a baby with a flickering heartbeat on the screen! I will let you all know what happens Friday, thank you all again x
And fengirl congratulations on successful pregnancy, I hope I'll be in the same position this November with our

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TrudyW · 19/04/2013 23:14

*little one xx

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