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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Need a little advice please..

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vladthedisorganised · 18/04/2013 10:41

Hi everyone, hope it's OK if I join. I found out at my 12 week scan on Monday (at 14 weeks due to Easter) that I'd had an MMC at 8 weeks - no signs at all beforehand.

My GP was great and told me the options: I had intended for an ERPC option but miscarried naturally a couple of hours later.

I am still in pain but can't get an appointment to see my GP until next week: obviously I'd prefer to see the same GP (I don't usually mind who I see, but for continuity I'd prefer to see the same GP this time) so need to wait longer before doing anything.

What is causing me problems is that I don't know whether I need to do or book anything else - should I be checked out at the hospital again to make sure my body isn't retaining anything? is there any activity I shouldn't be doing (like carrying my three year old)? when will it be safe to start exercising again?

Just wondered if anyone else had had advice that might help me through the next few days? Thank you so much.

OP posts:
Bakingtins · 18/04/2013 13:39

Vlad I'm so sorry you lost your baby. MMC seems particularly cruel because you have no warning Sad
They should have arranged some sort of follow up for you - usually a scan to make sure everything has passed, or at least that you do a weekly HPT to make sure you get a negative (and if you don't within a couple of weeks they tend to check serial blood HCGs to make sure it is falling)
How much pain are you in? Normally after the sac has been passed it settles down to the period pain spectrum, if you are still having severe pain I'd get back in touch with EPU.
I don't think there is a list of things you shouldn't do (apart from no sex until you stop bleeding) but you may feel physically quite wiped out by it all so take it easy.

vladthedisorganised · 18/04/2013 17:37

Definitely back to the period pain spectrum, if quite severe (I've had worse though).
I'm pretty sure no follow up was arranged: the hospital sent us to the GP and that was pretty much that. The GP advised me to let them know if I wanted an ERPC so that it could be booked in with the hospital; I advised the receptionist that everything had happened naturally when I contacted them later so only made the follow-up appointment the next day (therefore treated as a routine GP appointment rather than an emergency).

I haven't been to the early pregnancy unit - and have no idea how to get in touch with them - but I guess my GP will advise next week what I need to do next. I'll take a notepad and write down a checklist of what I need to arrange; as I think I'll need to be very proactive and am currently useless at remembering things (I get very forgetful when I'm emotional!).

Definitely physically wiped out: spent half of today asleep and not dealing with things terribly well. Not tearful at all but just completely blank.

OP posts:
humblebumble · 18/04/2013 17:46

Oh you poor thing. A similar thing happened to me, went for the 12 week scan (it was technically 13 weeks) and found the the baby had stopped growing at around 9 weeks. I then booked an ERPC but before the appointment happened I miscarried naturally, it actually took about 3-4 days for everything to pass (sac didn't pass until day 3, which surprised me as I thought it had gone already). My Dr told me to do a pregnancy test a week later to check. That was an awful moment wishing for a negative result. Emotionally it was a difficult time. Having my oldest DC there was a good distraction but also exhausting. Wishing you all the best.

HorryIsUpduffed · 18/04/2013 17:54

I'm sorry to hear your sad news.

I'm surprised they haven't booked a followup scan. It's very important to check that the uterus is completely clear of any tissue once the mc appears to be complete, as retained tissue can cause serious infections.

Perhaps they expected you to choose ERPC instead and the system fell over as a result Hmm

It can take a while for the uterus to clear - I think I was "losing" for several weeks after a mmc (10w/6w) - so I'm afraid you may be uncomfortable for some time, even leaving aside the emotional distress. From memory my followup scan was 3-4w afterwards.

I think a call to the GP in a week or two, to check that it hasn't been overlooked, would be a good idea.

Do rest, and be as sad as you need to be. Some people find that Wine helps?

Take care of yourself.

Jollyb · 18/04/2013 19:55


If you're still in a lot of pain I'd be tempted to seek help sooner rather than later.

I'd try to get an emergency appointment with a different GP or contact your local EPU directly. Many will take self referrals and have a walk in system.

I hope you feel better soon. Miscarriages are shit


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