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Anyone else around 4 weeks post mc?

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Robyn1990 · 29/03/2013 15:51

So it's 4 weeks Sunday since the bleeding started. I'm having weird symptoms and am wondering is anyone else is going through the same.
I just went to the toilet and there was a massive lump of light brown discharge when I wiped like was quite big it took me by surprise, it was something I'd compare to part of my mucus plug when I had my DD. also I've got sharp pains in my bbs, and sharp pains in my left side and right side.

I really don't know what to make of it, maybe AF is on her way?
I dtd around 2 weeks after mc unprotected.
I did a test and its a faint positive. I rang the epu as Instructed and they said to come in for a scan Tuesday to see if I have "retained products" although I haven't bled or had pain for ages now. I guess I'm secretly hoping I caught my ovulation time and have become pregnant really quickly (lol) when I dtd I did have ewcm and thought I was ovulating.

Any similar experiences/advice ladies?

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Bakingtins · 29/03/2013 19:18

Hi Robyn. I MC just under 4 weeks ago and have just got my AF. Did you ever get a negative home pregnancy test after your MC? If not, it's hard to know if your positive is the last vestiges of HCG from the old pregnancy or if you've conceived again. Scan sounds like the way to go, but if you are only 4 weeks along they are not going to see much, so if it's still uncertain I'd ask them to do serial HCG to see if it's rising. FX for good news for you.

Robyn1990 · 29/03/2013 20:10

Hey, thanks for your reply, yeah I tested negative after mc, but still thinking it could be leftover hormone or an Evap xx

OP posts:
Bakingtins · 29/03/2013 20:41

If you've had a negative then that makes retained products or leftover howmones v unlikely. I think congratulations are in order!
(I'm a bit [buenvy] but I will contain myself)

omri · 29/03/2013 20:47

Hi bakingtins- I remember you from other threads when I was going through my mc 4 weeks ago. Tough ol time I'm so glad that's over.
Robyn hope you're doing well- and you have some good news already! Let us know give us some hope out here Smile

Robyn1990 · 29/03/2013 20:58

Thanks alot ladies, I'm so sorry for your losses.
I've got the scan Tuesday, but even if it is a new pg, they won't be able to see anything :( xx

OP posts:
LandsN · 29/03/2013 23:16

When I had a mmc in dec 12 I looked into ttc again and there was so many people who had fallen before af had arrived so it could b possible I had 1 cycle before bfp and am now nearly 10 weeks really hope u get good news xx

PurplePoppySeed · 11/04/2013 21:49

Likewise, loads of ppl seem to fall pregnant again straight away! I wasn't quite ready that soon, but I only had 1 AF before falling preg again.

That AF was about 4 weeks after ERPC - so similar time to where you a now and it was like no other one I've ever had before, much heavier, clotting and over within 2 days, which is unusual for me, I'm normally heavy, but 5-7 days worth.

This could be either-1st AF or good news. Either way would be good though as you know youre ovulating again,likewise, youll know for su soon - good luck Grin

PurplePoppySeed · 11/04/2013 21:50

*for sure soon!

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