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did they see???

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wannabeamummy · 23/09/2011 22:02

Hi ladies
This might sound like a very strange question but its something that has been playing on my mind and wondered if anyone could help... After trying to conceive for 2 years i got caught pregnant for the first time early last year, i went for a scan at 6 weeks due to bleeding and to my surprise my baby was fine with a healthy heartbeat. Went for another scan at 6+4 due to more bleeding and still everything fine, then at 10 weeks 5 days i went for routine scan to find my baby had died at around 8 and a half weeks :(.... I look at my pics from the 6week scan and the 6week 4 day scan and often compare to my friends scans at the same time in pregnancy and my baby seems to be a lot smaller than theres, is there a chance that the doctors could have known something like it wasnt growing properly and not told me??

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bemybebe · 23/09/2011 22:14

Are you comparing actual photos or the measurements? As I understand, at this age embrios are all fairly similar in size, I doubt you can actually SEE the difference. If measurements are compared, then they are usually charted against "the norm". In any case, I am sure the doctors would comment if they did see anything going wrong.

lostinwales · 23/09/2011 22:21

So sorry for your loss, it must be very hard on you and I can understand why you would be looking at every option to understand what happened. When you have an ultrasound scan early in your pregnancy the 'age' of the pregnancy is determined by the length of baby from the top of the head to the bum ('crown rump length') so any pregnancy in any woman will be the same size if the pregnancy is dated the same. So, within reason, all 6 week 4 day foetus' will be exactly the same size. On a scan picture the actual image size depends on what setting the sonographer had the U/S machine on, you can 'zoom in' so to speak and each individual will choose the setting they find the easiest to read and the machine will scale all readings from this setting. I hope this makes sense.

wannabeamummy · 23/09/2011 22:51

Thank you for your replys, your right i am probably looking for a explanation or maybe as horrible as it sounds..someone to blame. I look at my scan pic and its just this tiny little thing at the top of my womb but my friends seems like its at least a quarter of her womb, i just wonder why mine looked so small, can i add pics on here if so i will show you what i mean x

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bemybebe · 23/09/2011 22:58

wanna also wanted to say how sorry I am Sad I had numerous failed ivfs and mc and just lost a dd (born at 24+1, died age 23d). i know how devastating it can be

bemybebe · 23/09/2011 23:02

do not be harsh on yourself. a lot of pregnancies fail and nobody can do much about it. take care of yourself and hopefully you will have better luck very soon

lostinwales · 23/09/2011 23:07

Of course you want someone to blame, that's only human nature. It's very hard to 'read' a scan image unless you were the individual doing the scan. The image will be very individual from person to person, there could even have been similar images to your friends of your baby, it all depends on where the probe was on your tummy and what angle, relative to your womb, it was when the image was taken. I'm not skilled in counselling as I never made it onto the scanning course proper but I can understand exactly why you would want to make sense of the only images you have. Is there anyone your GP could refer you to to talk things over with? I would love to help but don't feel I have anything other than the basic knowledge of scan protocols. I'm going offline for tonight but will no doubt be back on MN in the morning if you want to talk.

wannabeamummy · 23/09/2011 23:18

Thank you lostinwales i have not had any counselling i prefer to deal with it myself to be honest i feel like id be wasting the doctors time going for a talk with him because i was only pregnant a few weeks and if im honest i feel daft! All the sonographer told me was i had a tilted womb so that must have been all she noticed that was different, i made a video with my scan pics and some other bits and bobs id bought for my baby and put a nice song in the background, i watch this sometimes and that helps in a way because i know that it was real and for a short while i was pregnant x

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