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Low-carb diets

Interested in a topic for low carb recipes?

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BIWI · 30/01/2024 15:26

In the Bootcamp topic we have several different low carb recipe threads - organised by food type, e.g. one for meat, one for fish, etc. But they get lost easily, as there are so many posts in the Bootcamp topic.

So I've asked MNHQ if we could have a separate topic within the overall Big/Slim/Whatever Weight Loss Club section.

They are all recipes that would be suitable for anyone who is low carbing, and not just those on a Bootcamp challenge, so it would (I think) be helpful for those who post in the Low Carb topic as well as those who post in the Bootcamp topic.

MNHQ have said that they open new topics based on the amount of interest generated, and have asked for people to comment on this thread if you would support this suggestion.

Low Carb Recipes | Mumsnet

I was wondering if it would be possible to have a thread for low carb recipes, in the weight loss section? Could be used for both the Bootcamp and Low...

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BigBoysDontCry · 30/01/2024 15:53

I'd like that. I don't do keto anymore and don't want to lose weight so don't join in bootcamp but I need to eat low carb for my blood sugar. Might also be worth asking in the diabetes section too?

BIWI · 30/01/2024 16:03

Good idea. Thanks @BigBoysDontCry

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QueenOfHiraeth · 31/01/2024 17:52

@BIWI I agree it would be helpful
I just found this thread as I was looking for a low carb recipe for chocolate pots!

Walking2024now30days · 31/01/2024 17:54

I wrote in the other thread, it would be fantastic as the threads in the main topics are hard to find!

BIWI · 31/01/2024 18:05

Just heard that we are getting the thread!

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