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Not losing weight week one on keto?..What am I doing wrong?

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BelleBoyd · 21/10/2023 07:51

I’m on day 6 of keto and have only lost one pound. Is this normal? I’d expect more? Plus ketone strips I have don’t indicate ketosis.
What am I doing wrong?
Have been tracking macros. Lowered my calorie intake yesterday as thought that might be it. Fat intake right. Protein intake right and carbs were below 20 yesterday.
Eating chicken, beef, eggs, green vegetables, avocado, cream, cheese and sugar free jelly as a treat.
Still feeling quite hungry, starving this morning but was going to miss breakfast so I don’t go over my limits on carbs or fat.

OP posts:
aswarmofmidges · 21/10/2023 08:07

I suspect that keto works as a way to diet as for some people it helps them not feel hungry and so helps them cut calories without barley noticing - if that doesn't work for you then it might not be the right solution

But losing a pound on a week sounds a sensible steady approach - Dieting is soul destroying

ThickSkinnedSoWhat · 21/10/2023 08:26

I don't know why your title is that you aren't losing weight... you have... you've lost 1lb in 6 days. That aside, weight fluctuates daily. 1lb a week is a healthy, sustainable loss.

Unabletomitigate · 21/10/2023 08:27

It can take some time to start losing weight. This is an adaptation for your body. Personally, I am really convinced by it as a way of eating to lose weight and improved mental health. But sticking to it can be hard because carbs are everywhere!
For motivation try watching Dr Eric Westman on youtube, he has a very no nonsense approach to keto. And to help with the carb cravings watch Dr Georgina Ede explain how they affect mental health.

Good luck.
Ah, but if you are hungry you are not eating enough. Often i will thiking I am hungry and wanting a snack. But if i think about a meal of bacon and eggs, or steak and brocolli I don't want it. This means I am not actually hungry just bored and carb craving.

housingplanningquestion · 21/10/2023 11:47

That is weird - you should be in ketosis, should be showing on the strips, should have lost 3 ish lbs at least of 'water weight' as your body used up the glycogen stored in your muscles. My guess is you are accidentally eating carbs. Are you checking all your ingredients lists and nutritional info? Are you eating peas for your green veg? What exactly are you eating? Low carb wound be 50g / day or less; keto more like 20g / day or less.

housingplanningquestion · 21/10/2023 11:49

Or were you low carb before starting?

BelleBoyd · 21/10/2023 12:46

I was definitely under 20g carbs yesterday, days before I wasnt counting my macros but I had nothing with carbs except a tomato twice, had a handful of small strawberries over the days. Had a couple of Tbsps of unsweetened almond milk each day in one cup of coffee

OP posts:
BelleBoyd · 21/10/2023 12:49

Been eating meat, green leaf vegetables, eggs, bacon, chicken, some lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes. Some sugar free jelly, double cream, cheddar on top of some meals. Olive oil and red wine vinegar dressings. Some almonds. A couple squares of 85% choc. Also had a couple of zero sugar 7ups. Would this be enough to stop getting in ketosis?

OP posts:
housingplanningquestion · 21/10/2023 12:55

No I'd really say it shouldn't be keeping you out of ketosis. Not after 6 days of eating like that. I'd say really try weighing and recording it all in my fitness pal or cronometer or similar. It sounds really frustrating!

BelleBoyd · 21/10/2023 12:57

Yes am recording everything now. I wonder if I’m just not going to get into ketosis. Maybe to do with my hormonal makeup being menopausal?..

OP posts:
teraculum29 · 21/10/2023 13:00

Been on keto for a bit, now more low carb.
Joined a few keto groups, read a bit.
And all what was repeated to do keto right and loose weight you need to go through adaptation then reduction.

Adaptation is when your body learn how to use ketones as fuel, because even you are producing ketones your body doesn't know how to use them.
And in adaptation you are not cutting calories you are eating what your body needs.
You need to calculate how much calories you need, and eat exact this.
when adaptation is finished (about a month) then you can start reducing your calories.

Drink plenty of water, supplement in vit D, magnesium, cod liver oil.

and if you still feel hungry probably you are not eating enough fat and not enough calories.

Week is also very early in any diet, give it time and be patient all bodies response differently.
Good luck on your keto journey.

RudsyFarmer · 21/10/2023 13:01

It’s going to depend on other things as well. Your age. Your hormones. Your current weight.

alwaysonadiet1 · 21/10/2023 13:11

It might be the artificial sweeteners in the drinks and jelly. I read somewhere that they can create an insulin response in some people.

alwaysonadiet1 · 21/10/2023 13:13

Or could it be that you don't have much to lose?

CheapHouse · 21/10/2023 13:17

Have you weighed yourself at the same time of day? I find the only accurate way for me to weigh myself is first thing in the morning before I have consumed anything. That way it also makes me not weigh too often aswell.

BelleBoyd · 21/10/2023 13:36

Yes I always weigh first thing in the morning.
Yes I was worried that the artificial sweetener might be it. Had thought tho some artificial sweeteners allowed on keto?

OP posts:
BelleBoyd · 21/10/2023 13:37

I have two stone to lose.

OP posts:
teraculum29 · 21/10/2023 13:59

the best sweeteners are stevia (but in pure form, some of the tablets have only steviol in it) end erythritol as those one are not absorbed by our bodies.

xylitol is half absorbed so you will need to count it half the carb in your macros. and also this sweetener can give you upset stomach.

at the beginning its better to avoid keto puddings, and any fruits (even blueberries and strawberries that are allowed on keto).

Almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts you can munch on.

and also electrolytes, its your helper here especially when you feel headachy

BlueEyedPeanut · 21/10/2023 14:17

It can take more than a week to transition into ketosis for some people. Especially if they are coming from a high-carb diet because it takes a while for the glucose stores in your liver to be depleted. Only then will your body switch to fat-burning as its primary fuel source. Keep doing what you are doing. Keep your carbs as low as possible until you are fat-adapted. Also, your fat intake macro isn't a target. It's there to make you feel full. If you're not in ketosis yet, it is just a lot of calories.

User8743 · 21/10/2023 19:55

Too many proteins will limit ketones production. Since you are recording everything, give us the macros of what you are eating. How many proteins per day, how many fats?

Luckydog7 · 21/10/2023 20:07

There is an element of individuality to any diet as everyone will respond differently to something. Eg some people find that tomatos spike their blood sugar more then the average person, same with cream/dairy.

I tend to agree with pp however that sweeteners are a likely candidate. i would give them up for a full two weeks and see how you feel.

IME you have to be very strict the first couple of weeks to get properly in ketosis and fat adapted. After that you can be slightly more flexible, e.g. dark chocolate, berries, nuts etc.

Ive been keto-ing for years on and off and can get to the stage where i can eat a portion of dessert occasionally with no ill effects. This is deeeeep into keto though, at the point where i have lost my appetite and interest in food so tbh im not even wanting anything sweet.

BelleBoyd · 21/10/2023 20:11

Yesterday was the only day I’ve tracked properly and that was 1248 calories 22carbs 81protein and 92protein.
Think maybe I’m not cut out for keto as I find the tracking super tedious. Perhaps low carb would be better for me but I am motivated by weight loss and was hoping for that quite quickly.

OP posts:
BelleBoyd · 21/10/2023 20:11

Sorry 92 fats

OP posts:
User8743 · 21/10/2023 20:38

For keto, the macros are quite strict:

  • Carbs: 10% to 15% of your calories
  • Fat: 65% to 70% of your calories
  • Protein: 20% of your calories

At the same time, if you find it tedious after just one week, try another method, because you won't be able to stick to it long term. It is not one method fits all.
BelleBoyd · 21/10/2023 20:45

25g carbs 80g protein and 96g fats was what the app I used worked out best for me for Keto but I’m sure it still varies in effect.

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