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Low-carb diets

Blowing it every bloody week

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fourelementary · 02/09/2023 21:48

FFS I can do great 6/7 days and then bam! Blow it all in one evening. I just can’t seem to stay on plan… it’s like I feel so strong and motivated and then I just lose it all in one go.
I felt like I was doing okay- 11lb down but my clothes still don’t fit and I think that’s just depressed me as this isn’t bloody easy (fast800) and tbh I expected to feel a bit slimmer by now…

OP posts:
sunflowerandivy · 03/09/2023 13:07

The 800 plan is not for you. Just do a general keto plan where you reduce your carbs significantly but can eat lots of protein and healthy fats and you can eat these foods instead of binging

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