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Low-carb diets

Starting Lo-Carbing today

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catgirl1976 · 22/06/2014 11:00

Does anyone want to join me (or encourage me along)

I am 5ft 6 and weigh either 77kg or 75kg depending on where I put my scales in the bathroom Hmm So I think that's either 12st 3 or 11st 12

Either way, I want to get to 10st 7lb

I had great sucess with the Dukan years ago but since having DS the pounds have piled on :(

So I am cutting carbs as low as I can and recording everything on MFP

I have had an omelet this morning with a little bit of cheese, so I have started (proud)

I could so with some help to stick to it and some ideas for recipies. I am not a big meat eater which makes it harder. Planning grilled chicken and veg for dinner, not sure about lunch.

If anyone wants to start with me, come and join. Otherwise support, recipes and sucess stories would be really, really lovely

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SuzySuzSuz · 22/06/2014 13:43

Hi there! Feel free to add my on MFP, I'm doing low-er carb and cal counting via MFP, I have a bit more to lose but am 8lb down so far Smile
I'm Londonsuz on MFP

catgirl1976 · 22/06/2014 13:44

Fab :) I will add you

Thanks - and well done on the 8lbs! Can I ask how long it took?

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Fairyloo · 22/06/2014 23:36

Hi I started today too. Doing Dukan. Doing three days attack.

B roast beef
L steak and eggs
T sea bass

I love low carb. It works do well. My body responds really well to it.

Just carbs are so nice!!

RubySlippers77 · 23/06/2014 08:19

Hi catgirl, I would love to join :-)

I eat fish but not meat, and am struggling with low carb ideas at the moment... It looks like we will be referred for IVF at some point (TTC for 18 months now but OH has a low sperm count) and I've heard that high protein diets can help with that. Plus I'd like to lose about a stone!

Fairy - I so agree about the carbs, cake is my favourite thing in the world!!

Fluffycloudland77 · 23/06/2014 09:35

I've lost 2lb since last Tuesday. I literally wee'ed out that on Wednesday despite drinking at least 2ltr of water everyday.

Fairyloo · 23/06/2014 17:57

How you all doing!

B 4 eggs
L steak and egg
T out at harvester steak, chicken breast and 3 eggs

Feel very luxurious eating all that and have lost 3 pounds!!

Low carb works and is enjoyable but temptation nc be hard!

How are you all

catgirl1976 · 23/06/2014 18:18

Doing good - dropped 2lbs over night!!! Guess that's water, but I am still happy.


B: Cheese omlete
L: Skipped it Blush
D: Chicken and olives


B: Olives and Feta salad
L: Crispy bacon strips, goats cheese
D: Spicy chicken breast

Been snacking on Babybels.

Hoping to see some more come off

I maybe need to come up with alternatives to chicken, cheese and a few olives though Blush

OP posts:
Sassyb0703 · 26/06/2014 08:20

Hiya , Can I join you guys. Started yesterday after realising that snarky grumpy mood with everyone is own self loathing at now being 5st over weight. Time to stop blaming others/circs/time of month/anyone but self. .. and take bull by horns. I did Atkins a good few years ago post last dc and went from size 16 to 8 then ran the London marathon ! Shamefully I now find walking up hill painful on the joints and avoid exercise like the plague. Would really appreciate help with motivation as I am very good at persuading myself why I shouldn't diet 'at the moment' Hmm Hmm but out of the starting blocks yesterday at 15st 1Ib, 5ft 7" downloaded mfp to keep food diary and good to go. ..

prettybird · 26/06/2014 09:00

I'm back on to strict Boot Camp as I dropped off the wagon a wee bit on the recent Boot Camp - and have just booked a holiday to Greece in less than 3 weeks time Shock

Dh is also joining me Smile

You need to be careful to remember the "Low Carb" doesn't mean "No Carb".

Yesterday we probably didn't have enough veg:

Breakfast: boiled eggs
Lunch: omelette cooked in a generous amount of butter (dh is wanting to major on eggs Wink)
Dinner: sausages (97% pork Heck ones) with a generous portion of home made coleslaw (made from a Boot Camp recipe: plenty of cabbage, small amount of finely grated carrot, chopped spring onions, spring onion, slosh of white wine vinegar, generous sloshes of olive oil, some salt, leave from 15 mins and then a very generous squirt of Lidl full fat mayonnaise)

Lots of water. My "cheat" is that I still drink quite a lot of tea with milk in it - but I'm trying to swap it for rooibos, which I can drink red "black". One of my cups of rooibos I have with a teaspoon of coconut oil stirred in to it.

Still to decide what to have today. Will be able to snack on the coleslaw if I'm hungry.

May have chicken stuffed with Boursin and wrapped in Parmesan with some roasted broccoli (in olive oil) from supper, but need to go shopping.

Firsttimer7259 · 26/06/2014 09:00

Hi, Ive just completed first week, 4lbs down - yeeehaaa! Hope that motivates folks, it has needed planning and shopping but otherwise been ok. Ive been doing a modified dukan with veg most days and low fat ratehr than non fat dairy. Ill be adding fats back once it starts to feel hard
Good luck with the early days

Firsttimer7259 · 02/07/2014 11:59

Only 1 lb this week bah humbug

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