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Will my exp's fiance have parental responsibility when they marry?

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omnishambles · 27/04/2010 12:03

Just a quickie really - my exp is getting married. Will his wife have parental responsibility? Or would that only kick in if I die?

My exp has parental responsibility as we went to the family court and did it.

If she doesnt have responsibility does she have any other rights? I havent even met her (though I do trust exp's judgement)...

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GypsyMoth · 27/04/2010 12:05

no,she wont havr PR. no rights at all really

omnishambles · 27/04/2010 12:11

Thanks threeblondeboys - I dont know why but I always had at the back of my mind that old thing about marriage making a difference - I remember when I go the ds' passport that my dh could have applied for it just because we were married.

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cestlavielife · 27/04/2010 12:34

his wife is not your children's mother. she is not on your children's birth certificate. she would need to officially adopt your children or apply for special guardianship.

omnishambles · 27/04/2010 12:45

Thanks cestlavielife. Much appreciated.

Now I just have to hope that exdp will explain things properly to ds - ds is still unaware that this will mean gf moving into their house fulltime and was quite surprised by that concept...

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