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need some help/advice re: first overnight stay

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shoptilidrop · 15/04/2009 15:10

My dd is going to be staying overnight with her daddy for the first time this weekend. He was never around much and didnt really do any of the bedtime things/ anything much than watch her for about 30 mins really. She is just3. Its a house she doesnt know, he doesnt any accomadation so has hired a familes house ( army) for the weekend.
Normally this would be difficult and worring but shes having such a hard time at the momment, shes not settled in at her new nursery, she keeps being ill, she has got super clingly to me ( something she has never been) and is always worried i am going to leave her. Plus she saw our dog get hit by a car on sunday and she hasnt stopped crying about it. ( dog is ok, by some miracle).
I know she has to go, i dont want to stop it, but shes really struggling at the momment and im worried this is just going to confuse her and make it all worse.
can someone reassure me, or offer ideas how i can make it easier for her? thanks

OP posts:
oldraver · 15/04/2009 16:28

Does she 'have' to go ie is there a court order and you cannot refuse. I would say with everything that is going on her for her it is too much just now

I'm not saying she shouldnt stay overnight with her Daddy just that now doesn't seem right for her

tessofthedurbervilles · 15/04/2009 22:21

Could you talk to him, tell him you want him to have her overnight but you are worried that right now this might not be the best time due to the issues you have outlined. Maybe let him think he is making the decision to build up / post pone the overnight visits for now?

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