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What do you do for work?

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Nonagainst · 18/05/2023 12:24

Hi all,

I’d love to know what other people do for work or how many hours they work?

I’m going through an extremely messy and volatile divorce and my ex doesn’t see his son so I look after my 3 year old on my own.

My son won’t get his 30 hours of funded childcare until September this year but I can send him to nursery for 1 day a week.

I have really no help available but I need to get a job because I’m struggling financially.

I’d like to think I’m educated (degree in English) and I used to work as an operations manager before I went on maternity leave. I just don’t know what type of work I could do one day a week? Perhaps a bar job? Working in a shop? If you work 1-2 days a week, what do you do? Any advice from people in similar situations would be great.

OP posts:
HeartQueenCharlotte · 20/05/2023 13:24


Sounds like an awful situation. Have you looked into Universal Credit as a stop gap? Once my ex had moved out I was able to claim towards nursery costs and rent, which was a massive help.

At 3 your son could go to school nursery “full time” for free if there are any in your area? They could potentially start in September if you make a late application. Some only offer part time, so it’ll be worth checking.

I know that isn’t what you asked, but getting that but sorted could help. A lot of roles are hybrid or remote now too, so could you do something similar again?

Jennyven · 22/05/2023 23:31

It’s going to get easier when the child gets older I promise . I retrained as a swim teacher and teach schools (Monday - Friday 9.30-2.30). Good money. I did that when my little one was little (we had creche in our leisure centre I could use)

Mumof1andacat · 23/05/2023 00:01

It would be a start but you can get nhs admin jobs which are normal 2-3 days a week. By the time you apply and interview and start if successful it would likely be September.

JimnJoyce · 23/05/2023 00:48

Lots of EA roles are completely WFH and you can do 3 days per week

Ilikepinacoladass · 31/05/2023 20:19

Have you looked into Universal Credit? I think they will cover about 85% of childcare costs if you're eligible, to enable you to do more than 1 day a week. I think you may struggle to find something only 1 day a week but may be wrong!

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