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Isn't 5 too young for sleepovers?

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tetti · 28/01/2008 12:22

My girl has been asked by a classmate if she'd like to sleep over on night.I dk,but I just don't feel comfortable about letting her do sleepovers yet.
At home she wakes up most night,either asking for a drink,wanting to go to the loo etc etc.But my ex goes-She never wakes up at mine,of course she can have a sleep over!
But I don't know the parents of this girl at all,and my daughter has never played with her outside school.
I'm more than happy with her going on playdates,but sleep over's?
Is it just me being unreasonable,or do I have a point in that she might be too young for that?

OP posts:
Blu · 28/01/2008 12:27

It sounds as if your dd would be too young to go on this particular slepover.

In principle, if the child is up for it and confident, and if you knwo the parents, then I think 5 is fine. They can get a drink ' go to the toilet in the night at other people's house, too!

But I would only do it if i knew the parents a bit.

pigleto · 28/01/2008 12:30

I think 5 is too young for most chidren to be thinking of a sleepover. We do a semi sleepover where ds gets in his pjs etc and we pick him up at bedtime.

bozza · 28/01/2008 12:36

Well my 6 and 3 yos went on a sleepover on Friday night. But there were differences. Both of mine are really good sleepers who virtually never get up in the night. And I know the Mum we have been friends since the boys (6yos) were babies. I think knowing the Mum and knowing that my children have known the Mum since birth makes all the difference.

Have to say though that my 3yo napped from 11.30-3 on Saturday (and I had to wake her) and was back in bed at 7.15 for another 12 hours and then requested a nap in my SILs bed at the weekend! Saw my friend at school this morning and asked if DD got any sleep at all?!

So YANBU as blu says. Not right for your DD just now with people you don't know. Final tip - when she does get to the sleepover try to have nothing planned for the next day.

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