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jobseekers allowance and part time work......

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iliketotrickortreat · 15/11/2007 23:19

I know this is the lone parents section but i cant find anywhere else to post this.
Me and dp are claiming jobseekers allowence and i've been offered a part time job cleaning, 16 hours a week on miinimum wage. Can anyone tell me what will happen to benefits etc, will i have to pay rent?


OP posts:
expatinscotland · 15/11/2007 23:39

i might be wrong, but i think you'll need to switch to Working Tax Credits.

you'll need to have your housing/council tax benefit reviewed, but at that rate you may find there isn't much of a reduction in what you receive.

Skribble · 15/11/2007 23:42

16hrs and under you will be claiming income support I think, not sure because you are a couple, there might be some tax credits on that as well.

Phone benefits people and ask, after asking lots of other people I found they really were the most help and did my claim over the phone.

iliketotrickortreat · 15/11/2007 23:42

great thanks, i've just worked it out and its 14 hours a week not 16

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 15/11/2007 23:43

ah! you need 16 hours minimum to claim WTC, but if you're on JSA they cut what you receive if you're working at all.

iliketotrickortreat · 15/11/2007 23:45

ah well at least i wont be bored all day

OP posts:
persephonesnape · 15/11/2007 23:47

if you are the claimant ( as in you sign on) 16 hours will disqualify you, if you are the partner, you can work up to 24 hours. benefits will be reduced pound for pound save the first £10. ( i think, i need to check this..)

if you are working over 16 hours you can claim working tax credit and if you have children you will continue to get child tax credit. it may increase.

you can still claim housing benefit and council tax benefit form your local authority on the basis that you have a low income.

if you have been claiming for over two years and sign off to start work that you expect will last more than 5 weeks, you would be entitled to a £250 job grant.

hope that helps?

expatinscotland · 15/11/2007 23:50

did they make you go to the 'work focused interview'?

they made some friends of ours go to that.

and she went alright. 30 weeks pregnant!

oh, yes, people will fall over themselves to hire her!

iliketotrickortreat · 15/11/2007 23:51

very much so! so there would be no changes to housing benefit? but dp cant work more than 16 hours as i am the partner, is that right?

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 15/11/2007 23:51

you'd still have to inform your local authority about your income change, ilike.

expatinscotland · 15/11/2007 23:52

but as you are still very low income, i doubt there'd be much of a change.

iliketotrickortreat · 15/11/2007 23:55


OP posts:
persephonesnape · 15/11/2007 23:57

yes trick/treat. the person that signs on can work up to 16 hours, the partner of the person that signs up to 24hours. if your income from your part time job exceeds what you get every week + £10, you'll be signed off. you wouldn't be able to claim wtc, but you should still get help with your housing benefit ( you'd need to contact your local authority about that though, i only know JSA and IS - not too hot on housing ben.

Tinkerbel5 · 16/11/2007 09:33

look at and do some calculation there or visit the CAB for them to do a calculation, any monies you earn will reduce your housing and council tax benefit and you could lose the JSA, definately get proper advice.

Tinkerbel5 · 16/11/2007 09:35

the £250 job grant is for lone parents

persephonesnape · 16/11/2007 18:20

and some people with partners.

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