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Life-limiting illness

What am I to expect following BC diagnosis?

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3andnotcounting · 07/12/2018 16:12

I have had a lump in my breast for around a month, yesterday following many tests I was told that the doctors believe it to be breast cancer. I have 10 days to wait for my biopsy results but in the meantime I would like to know what to expect so that I'm ready. Has anybody here been through this personally or know someone close to them that has? I want to know what is best for my husband and children. Thank you in advance.

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TheSpottedZebra · 07/12/2018 16:17

Sorry for your news.
I haven't got personal experience of BC, but I do know that there is a long running, supportive thread on here with people dealing with various sorts of cancer -

TwitterQueen1 · 07/12/2018 16:56

sorry to hear this 3. As Zebra suggests, come over and join us on the cancer support thread. Sadly there are many women there with experience and who will be happy to answer any questions.

TwitterQueen1 · 07/12/2018 16:57

Btw, breast cancer is not necessarily life-limiting. The success rate is very high.....

3andnotcounting · 07/12/2018 16:59

Thank you, I only wrote it here because I wasn't sure where to find the discussion. I'll have a look now.

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Elisebev · 08/12/2018 16:49

I was in your exact position exactly a year ago (minus the husband and children). Had found a lump and thought it was due to a rib injury. Went to the doctors who referred me to the hospital. 7 weeks later when my referral finally came through., I heard the words “we think it’s cancer.” It was confirmed a few days later. In the weeks after my diagnosis, I had most parts of my body scanned - ct scans, mri scans, and also a bone scan. In my case it turned out to be in both breasts and after further scans and tests and more scans and more tests, we got told that it had spread to the bones. It has been a very tough few months. Now, nearly a year on, Im back at work full time and doing most of what I was doing before. Im on daily medication which I will be on for as long as it works. Due to the bone spread I ended up not getting chemo etc. I get scanned regularly and have to visit the hospital monthly for bloods and to get my medication. I have found the Facebook groups to be a great support. There are quite a few breast cancer ones. I think there may also be a couple of groups aimed at relatives of those with breast cancer. It’s worth joining and particularly looking for girls that live near you. Ive been meeting up with some of the local girls and chat to quite a few less local girls online. Although my friends and family have been amazing, it’s only really people who are going through the same thing who truly understand. Also feel free to send me a private message, Ive been there and I’m still struggling at times., more than happy to chat

Elisebev · 08/12/2018 17:05

Im just thinking, it might be worth getting in touch with your local maggies centre. I personally havnt used them as yet as to be honest for me after the initial two or three months of hell, life is pretty normal apart from the odd hospital appointment and popping pills daily . Ive heard a lot of good things about them. Also,it’s worth contacting mcmillan cancer support. They run events for woman in our position. There are a couple of weekend ones coming up in the spring ( one in Manchester and one in Edinburgh that I know of) I decided not to go to either although I do know of people who are going. Personally I felt that I wouldn’t cope spending all weekend talking about/discussing it.

Elisebev · 08/12/2018 17:11

You will also be assigned a breast cancer nurse who will be there at all your appointments and will also be at the end of a phone. They are a great support and a great source of information

Elisebev · 09/12/2018 09:58

@3andnotcounting hope you are ok. Cant stop thinking about you

whattheactualfuckery · 26/04/2019 15:07

When you go in for your test results, if it is indeed breast cancer you will meet you BCN breast care nurse, she is contactable throughout treatment for any queries. Did they take biopsies of your lymph nodes? You'll have mri and bone scan to see if it is anywhere else in your body. Once that's done you'll get your treatment plan. Unfortunately the wait between biopsies and scams seem forever. Just focus on one appointment at a time. Do not google, there's very scary and also out of date information on there. Go to breast cancer care and McMillan websites for the latest up to date info and support

Prokupatuscrakedatus · 28/04/2019 14:21

All the best for you Flowers.
I was in your situation almost 17 years ago with two children under two.
Relax, destress, let other people help you.
Don't google. I was offered counceling to help me cope (3rd generation of BC women) and I took it.
I am sure treatments and procedures have come a way since my time, so no advice from me on that count.

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