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Testosterone just stopped by dr - don’t know what to do next, please help

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IVFfirsttimer91 · 14/09/2023 22:17

Hi all,

Posting here as I don’t know where else to ask. My partner has been on testosterone for 13 years and his doctor has just stopped his prescription. They told him that he needs to go back to the GC to get some ‘information’ about his treatment plan so that they can review it and then give him a medication review. The problem is that the GC aren’t getting back to us and he is due his injection next week.

From what I understand if he isn’t given the testosterone by the doctor he could become very unwell, and without a treatment plan the doctor is within his rights to refuse to prescribe the testosterone.

Does anyone know what we can do in the short term to ensure that my partner gets his injections? Failing that does anyone have any advice on who we can talk to? Or any recommendations for a private clinic?

We’re expecting our first child and this is all very stressful and we want it resolved asap, so any help will be appreciated hugely. Thanks x

OP posts:
Sorrento79 · 17/09/2023 05:45

I don't think missing a week of testosterone will precipitate serious illness. It'll just mean they gradually get more deficient. You need to chase the clinic every day. Unfortunately the performance of these clinics is often quite poor and the communication, hence your GP not being happy about getting stuck in the middle. You might be able to convince a private online GP to do a private prescription perhaps

ittakes2 · 17/09/2023 06:47

If you can afford it maybe go private who will then write a letter to the gp with a treatment plan?

Mum2aTeen · 17/09/2023 06:58

This may be totally wrong as I am only writing this from a mum whose son is hormone deficient, so he uses the gel nightly to bring on puberty (can't do the needles due to his neurological conditions) so unsure about the lgbtqia+ if it's similar.
But my son's doctor (endocrinologist) said he if he missed it for a couple days/week he would be more fatigued and just a bit low and when started again he may have a bit more energy or he could be back to normal energy would just depend on the person.

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