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IVF 6w 4d scan empty sack - any chance of a late developer?

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Babytales137 · 13/07/2018 08:58

Hi ladies,

I went for my 6 weeks and four days scan today and saw that the sac was empty. I was told to come back next week to check again to make sure as well as being told not to have hope. I don’t know what to do anymore.

I’m taking progesterone twice a day and I don’t live in the same country as my treatment. I’m leaving on Sunday with exactly one week of progesterone. Should I carry more boxes in case it isn’t a miscarriage? I can get my next scan abroad but not the pessaries.

Has anyone had this ? What does it mean? This is my second attempt at IVF and I’m just so disappointed in myself and my body. I’m actually embarrassed and ashamed as well as angry and sad.

Any advise or similar stories would be greatly appreciated 🙏

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