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Periods getting healthier?

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Bubblegum89 · 20/03/2018 09:22

Since we’ve been ttc, I’ve worried about my periods. I had “suspected scarring” and one of the main symptoms of that is a lack of or much lighter periods. In the last 18 months of ttc, my periods have been:

Brown spotting 13dpo
Dark red, light flow lasting a few hours cd1
Very light, dark brown flow cd2
Brown spotting cd3-5

I started using a mooncup last year to see how much I was bleeding and it wasn’t a lot at all and I would only ever have to wear it for half a day on cd1 because after that, I wouldn’t bleed enough to need it. There was no proper flow either. It was very stop/start and I could go hours in between with no kind of blood at all.

I had a SIS/HyCoSy in Feb to check for adhesions and everything was clear. I had my period about two weeks later. Started normally but on cd3, I had a little bit of red bleeding. This month, I had brown spotting on 12dpo then the cramps started 14dpo and I actually had two full days of constant flow of dark red bleeding. I actually had quite a decent amount come out too rather than half a teaspoon worth here and there (sorry for tmi!)

Could there be a reason for this? Can periods “get better”? I have worried this whole time about my pathetic brown periods, I can’t remember the last time I had a full flow from start to finish that was actually red. It only lasted two days and I didn’t get any brown spotting afterwards but I’m just happy to see a healthy looking period. Has anyone else experienced this? I really want it to be a sign that things are improving in there, although I know it probably means nothing.

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