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It's Saturday and I need to speak to a fertility specialist

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mistletoeprickles · 28/02/2015 09:17

Grrr I'm going round in circles.

I've so far spoke to a nurse who hadn't heard of clomid and a doctor who wanted to assess my bleeding!

I began clomid on Monday on the consultants say so because the Provera I was given didn't induce AF. So basically started clomid on day 102. I finished clomid yesterday and AF began today. So many questions Sad
I cant help but feel we've wasted a month.

Sorry to rant, this is so hard

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Shellster52 · 01/03/2015 04:08

You are so welcome to rant! This really is utterly crap.

If your period has shown up, I would say that your body had already decided to start shedding your lining in preparation for your period and it would have been too late for the Clomid to change that.

I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to feel like you are wasting time when your period doesn't show up for over 100 days. Is this the first time since your period over 100 days ago that you have started getting specialist advice for getting pregnant? I hope that when you call your Dr on Monday, it will be a good thing that you are at the start of a new cycle and your hormones are at baseline. This way you can start Clomid on day 2/3 as normal and hopefully ovulate!

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