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Lifers to lose parole rights

3 replies

Greensleeves · 20/07/2006 12:47

interesting news

OP posts:
themoon66 · 20/07/2006 12:49

What they say they are gonna do in the press, and what the end up actually doing are two different things. I won't hold my breath. Sorry to be a cynic.

Greensleeves · 20/07/2006 15:21

Sadly you may be right - but it's still a step in the right direction IMO.

OP posts:
hulababy · 20/07/2006 18:06

"The plans are likely to mean offenders who plead guilty no longer have their sentences cut by a third. "

This is the bit I would like to see go most - especially for those who actually have little choice but too plead guilty as the evidence is so overwhelming.

I actually think the new parole system is ridiculous at the moment. There is automatic parole after x% of sentence on certain sentences, including really lenient ones. makes a mockery of the system.

"Victims' views will also be heard by the boards in sexual and violent cases. "

I still don't know how useful this will be then. Surely most vicitims will just want them to stay locked up regardless???

I only deal with YO lifers so the parole and sentence terms don't really affect me much and I kknow little about it to comment TBH. My YOs don't have a parole or recommended tarriff officially noted as such, not until they trun Adult at 21 years.

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