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Clothes Pegs

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PigeonPie · 27/08/2008 21:50

I know it's the wrong time of year to be buying clothes pegs (according to all the places I've looked), but I need some more pegs to hang up my nappies on the airer inside as loads of mine are disintegrating.

Has anyone seen any common or garden pegs for sale anywhere? I don't want anything fancy as they are just for hanging up the nappies, but I do want something which works!

Help, please!

OP posts:
mehgalegs · 27/08/2008 21:52

What, just normal wooden or plastic pegs. I get them in Woolies or Sainsbos.

nell12 · 27/08/2008 21:53

Homebase have them, as do Robert Dyas

Also the supermarkets have them hanging randomly on the odd aisle in the hope of an impulse purchase.

PigeonPie · 27/08/2008 21:54

Yes, just normal plastic ones!

I will try Woolies tomorrow, but Tesco didn't have them yesterday and Lakeland haven't got them and neither have John Lewis. Not that it's been the the weather to hang anything out, but hey ho!

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 27/08/2008 21:54

you don't need pegs on an indoor airer, just hang them over surely??

otherwise, sainsburys have them

PigeonPie · 27/08/2008 21:54

It's the homebase ones which are disintegrating and they're only a couple of years old, so don't fancy those!

OP posts:
PigeonPie · 27/08/2008 21:55

tiy, they dry better pegged onto the airer (they're MEOS and Multifit) and the boosters are much better pegged too.

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 27/08/2008 21:57

oh right, I always hang mine over (use meos too) but then, I do have a lot so doesn't matter if they take longer to dry lol

yogabird · 27/08/2008 21:57

don't buy the plastic ones from morrissons cos mine are shattering as you squeeze them after about 12 months!

muggglewump · 27/08/2008 21:57

I buy mine in poundland.
They're plastic and I'm sure in the 7 years I've lived in this house I've only spent £5 on them, including lost ones.

PigeonPie · 27/08/2008 22:02

yogabird, that's what's happening to mine and it's dead irritating. I bought four packs from JL for the outside line a little while ago (and two new peg bags - one for opposite corners so I'm never far from a peg!), but didn't think to replace the inside ones.

OP posts:
blossomsmine · 27/08/2008 22:37

I bought some from Tescos today. I also bought some the other day from Tchiabo (sure thats spelt wrong!) they were awful started shattering the very next day

HPH3 · 24/03/2019 18:36

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