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Weekend Fly

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EHM · 02/08/2008 07:36

Morning ALL

OP posts:
EHM · 02/08/2008 07:41

EV glad dh back hope you get sometime together tonight.
TMH sick & car seat uck!.hope your niece is ok & ds
Bianca hope you have fun today.glad yesterday went well.
Hello to lucysmam,bewilder,katiekins83 from yesterday & anybody who will come later today.

Had fab time last night catching up with my friend who is here from scotland. very tired this morning

OP posts:
giraffescantdancethetango · 02/08/2008 09:41

hello ehm. Glad you had a good catch up

I have this to do before work later -

  • do dishes
  • hang up washing
  • put washing in machine
  • hoover
  • clean bath, sink and toilet
  • mop kitchen and bathroom floors
  • general tody up

Going to get cracking
littlemissloopy · 02/08/2008 09:49

Morning EHM

Thanks for the thread. Glad you had a good evening, its great to catch up with old friends.

Morning to ALL who follow

Well the house is once again upside down! DH spent most of the night tiling the kitchen. Looks beautiful this morning, so he is having a well deserved lie-in.

I'm trying to organise around the debree, but not getting very far TBH.

I have to go and pick some paint today for the non-tiled bits. I fancy a nice deep red, but not too sure whether it might be a bit too dark.

Bianca glad yesterday went well, hope those boys didn't wear you all out too much! Good luck with party No2

DD2 is 3 tomorrow, we have a few friends comming round so I need to sort the chaos out before then!!
Last few bits and bobs need collecting today at some point. I bought her a card with Tigger and Pooh on (she is a huge fan) got it home and showed DH and he just looked at me blankly....the card had a great big number 2 on it.....DUH!!! I obviously am completely number blind! I have to pick her another one up today (I am sure she would be non the wiser, but I have been collecting all their cards up until their 3rd birthday to put in their keep sake boxes, so I need a 3rd b'day card for her off us really)

Anyway, off to tacklr the complete mess that is our house!!!

littlemissloopy · 02/08/2008 09:51

x-posts...morning giraffe

TheMadHouse · 02/08/2008 09:57

Morning all

EHM Glad you had a good catch up. Car seat is all clean and back in the car. I am sure it is not the last time I will be doing that - Infact I am lucky to have got this far really

LML Happy birthday for DD2.

DH let me have a lie in today, throat infection has gone to my cheast - great. But I am not going to let it spoil my weekend with the boys and DH.

We are off to York today - Railway museaum, as the forcaste is showery, although it is really warm

Bianca Boyrs really are difffernt aminals arnt they. Hope DS is having loads of fun as a 5 year old

giraffescantdancethetango · 02/08/2008 10:36

littlemissloopy i read your name as little-miss-sloppy

someone just phoned me and i missed it, i called them back and text them but they havent called again, im so nosey, i want to know who it was!!

hope you feel better soon tmh

  • do dishes
  • hang up washing - DONE
  • put washing in machine - DONE
  • hoover
  • clean bath, sink and toilet - DONE
  • mop kitchen and bathroom floors
  • general tody up - DONE

right off to do the rest
lucysmam · 02/08/2008 11:25

good morning all, hope we're all ok!

i think i was a bit over-ambitious yesterday possibly but i did manage to thoroughly clean the whole of downstairs and put the shower up which arrived whilst in the middle of my 'spring clean'.

so today is upstairs day, and clear the entire stairs of the crap thats on there. and chill after that i think.

oh and some washing to go on line when my 1st load is dry!

hope all have a fab day, bianca good luck with second party!

giraffescantdancethetango · 02/08/2008 11:45

right ive finished it all, apart from the kitcen floor which il do on the way out the door.

off to work now.

have a good day everyone.

Bewilderbeast · 02/08/2008 14:57

afternoon all

everyone is poorly in the bewilder house today

the kitchen has been cleaned and the floor swept - not that you'd know it after ds's lunch.
Rubbish out
recycling out
bed made

ds had a 3 hour nap on our bed this morning, just climbed on and instantly fell asleep (who i this child and can I keep him) so I lazed aroung and read a book

bianca good luck with the party

RubyRioja · 02/08/2008 17:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rowingboat · 02/08/2008 18:10

Hi everyone,
Loopy I was laughing about your card dyslexia.
Lucys you are busy, but it sounds as if it's all coming together finally.
TMH that carseat sick thing can be vile, glad it's all gone now. Don't overdo it though, chest infections can be nasty.
EHM you have to watch out with those friends from Scotland, they can leave you very hungover.

I've been home from work for about two hours and so far have put on the dinner and that's about it.
Still to do
Hotspots 6 mins
15 minute Declutter - still need to do DS's bookshelf
Tiling - can't even begin to think how long

Oh look how sad I am. There is no postage charge at John Lewis online just now, so I treated myself to this
It's for my hotspots.
My mum thinks I have gone insane - looks at me blankly while I rave on about my mini dustpan.
Ooo and we are going to try making icecream later hopefully it will not take more than 30 minutes or so (not including freezing)

lucysmam · 02/08/2008 19:19

good evening everyone

loopy lol!! i'd be daft enough to do that

mad hope you all had a good day at railway museum, we like to take lo there for a wander when we're not too skint n she always enjoys looking round the 'shoooooos' as she calls trains

bewilder hope you're all feeling better!

rowingboat mini-dustpan???????

well my stairs are finally clear, lo's room doesn't smell of stale water any more and our room just needs a run round with hoover and polish tomorrow and all done. then i can start the week afresh n feel like i've actually got somewhere even though you wouldn't know ive spent 2 days cleaning from top to bottom.

littlemissloopy · 02/08/2008 19:26

Hiya, hows it all going?

I'm having a FLYing mare today....absolute mare!

I'm completely tidying in vain...its like running in quicksand. As fast as I'm is messing up behind me.

DH decided it would be a fantastic idea....whilst I was in town choosing empty EVERY SINGLE toybox/stackbox/toys from under the bed/toys in the hangers/toys on shelves and any other toy he could find from around the house and pile them ALL in a gigantic pile in the middle of the kids room!!!!
WTF was he thinking!???

Wouldn't be so bad, but he then jumps ship in favour of painting the kitchen!!!

It took me 2 hours...and about 2 bin bags full of crap to sort it all back out

Don't worry...I have informed him that if he does it again, its DIVORCE!

So needless to say the house is still absolute chaos! The kitchen contents have taken over the WHOLE of the downstairs....washing is piled all over the place....the kids have created a tsunami aftermath in the lounge, as it has been the only room they have been able to play in all day.

I have all of DD2's pressies to wrap, the whole house to tidy, a party to prepare for, a half decorated/painted/tiled kitchen to finish....

All before 1 pm tomorrow!!!


TheMadHouse · 02/08/2008 19:45

Evening all

We didnt end up at the railway museum, I forgot we had a party to go to, so did that and then had a look round York.

Boys fell asleep in the car so are still up (normally in bed for 7pm). I am coughing like an old lady who is on 60 a day, although everyone commented on how well I looked post surgery, which was really encoutaging.

LML Men - different planet is all I can say.

BWB Hope yu are all feeling better soon

*Rowingboat How cute

littlemissloopy · 02/08/2008 19:54

[sob sob] I have just discovered my neighbour has given the kids 3 giant jigsaws to play with!!! NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

hurrah for the compliments TMH

TheMadHouse · 02/08/2008 19:56

DS1 loves jigsaws - he is mad with them and can do upto 100 peices. My issue is keeping them all together as DS2 messes them all up

littlemissloopy · 03/08/2008 00:40

I'm still up doing the house. DH is still painting, I've grouted, wrapped pressies, tidied the lounge (as much as I can as it is still full of kitchen crap!)

Better get on!

littlemissloopy · 03/08/2008 01:40

Well that's me....I HAVE to go to sleep.....DH is doing a sterling job so I'll leave him to it.

See you all tomorrow xx

littlemissloopy · 03/08/2008 01:42

I have just realised....this time 3 years ago I had just given birth!! She was born at 1.25am


TheMadHouse · 03/08/2008 09:51


Happy Birthday LML DD2 - yeh 3 today

I let DH have a lie in. I am feeling a bit pants TBH. Coughing lots, but we are having a chilled day, with no real plans.

lucysmam · 03/08/2008 09:57

morning all.

loopy hope dd has a fantastic birthday! & your house is back to normal

mad enjoy your day chilling. sorry to hear you're still not feeling on top of the world, hope you're better soon

i'm not doing much today, quick hoover upstairs and on the stairs, make lasagne, make stock for tomorrow night's tea and thats about it i think apart from basic bits like pots & get a shower n dressed at some point.

might take lo to park while daddy at footy this morning..

have a good day all

rowingboat · 03/08/2008 10:26

Morning all,
Loopy your house is going to look gorgeous with all that grouting and painting and things. Don't worry about the mess, it's worth it to have lovely sparkly walls.
Hope your DD has a lovely birthday. Will she be starting nursery/Pre-school in September?
TMH have a great chill-out and remember to take it easy. Is your DH better now? If you have a chesty cough I can recommend any cough medicine with gaufenisein (sp?) it works really well.

My big bruv is up visiting and will be over some time today - he's a bit non-committal on times (just like when he was a teenager).

Was at work all day yesterday so will try to get a few annoying things out of the way.

5 minute room rescue kitchen
washing up
put away stuff

still to do
get dressed
make ice cream with LO (I wasn't allowed to make it on my own last night, no! )30 mins
Go to dump with old carpet and look at big diggers (1hr)
Walk to opticians and get glasses back (1hr)
Return stuff to shop on way back from dump 10mins
Read 2 mins messages
What's for dinner? 5 mins
evening routine

Oo my babystep yesterday was to devise an afternoon routine - what do you do?
I was thinking of using the afternoon routine to think of a recipe for dinner

Oh and another thing, I want to start running (it's free) so I need to make a plan that I will stick to, which is realistic. Does anyone run?

TheMadHouse · 03/08/2008 11:59

Update from me.

I have hoovered downstairs
Mopped downstairs (pulled on my tummy a little)
Dusted downstairs
Hung out a load of washing
Whites in the washer
Pizza made for lunch

We have also picked our first crop of potatoes, peas and carrots for dinner - yummy

We are going to have with mince and onions and yorkshire puddings

BiancaCastafiore · 03/08/2008 12:20

Can I come for dinner at yours TMH?

Happy birthday to Loopy's dd2, hope you all have a great day.

Off out now, lovely and sunny again today

grouchyoscar · 03/08/2008 16:17


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