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how can i get a blob of blue biro ink out of ...

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ruksak · 09/05/2008 18:56

a cream carpet???

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hana · 09/05/2008 18:58

hairspray is pretty good with pens - not sure what it would do to carpet, can you test on a small spot?

micci25 · 09/05/2008 18:59

have you tried vanish carpet foam? im not sure anything would work though!

have you tried googling it?

ruksak · 09/05/2008 19:00

i am worried that whatever i do is just going to make it spread

has anyone get any experience or do you think i ought to call in the professionals?

OP posts:
ruksak · 09/05/2008 19:01

no, not googled, i ahev MN searched it but that only tells me about clothes and leather sofas

will google now

OP posts:
ruksak · 09/05/2008 19:08

google doesn't know either

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