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morocco should we still go?

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whymummy · 18/05/2003 16:20

we have a week holiday paid for in agadir for the end of june,after the horrific terrorist attacks in casablanca i`m wondering wether we should cancel it or does anyone know if we could change it?the travel agents are not open today and i need some advice,thanks

OP posts:
pie · 18/05/2003 16:24

As of yet Morocco has not been placed on the following list:

If it does appear before your holiday then I would seriously reconsider. Also its worth knowing that if you booked through a travel agent and Morocco's status does become dangerous they must offer you an alternative or refund. But only if it appears on the above list.


whymummy · 18/05/2003 20:53

hi pie,thanks i checked and like you said it doesnt show yet,im still quite unsure though and i will phone the travel agent first thing tomorrow see if we could go somewhere else,thanks again pie

OP posts:
morocco · 18/05/2003 23:16

Just in case you decide not to cancel - it really is v relaxed and friendly here and we have never felt any threat towards us from local people - in fact they usually go out of their way to welcome you

whymummy · 18/05/2003 23:37

hi morocco i didnt realised you lived there,ive just been worried sick,i come from spain and have lived with terrorists threads most of my life but now that i have children im really concerned,we were about to go to borneo when the bali bombing happened and now this,ive been to marrakesch and i absolutely loved it where abouts are you?

OP posts:
morocco · 18/05/2003 23:45

hi whymummy
yes I have a crap nickname!! We're in Rabat which is technically the capital but v small so nothing much exciting ever really happens here. I know just what you mean about living with terrorist threats as we grew up with ira stuff every now and then and I think really this is the same kind of thing - v low risk of it ever actually affecting you but still makes you nervous. Have you had any more thoughts about whether to cancel or not? Maybe you could postpone a while to wait and see? It does seem very calm anyway if that helps.

whymummy · 18/05/2003 23:51

hi morocco,dh doesnt want to cancel like we did with borneo and really regretted it,i might ask if we can change it and go somewhere different but if the home office doesnt say is unsafe then the travel agent won`t let us change

OP posts:
whymummy · 19/05/2003 17:16

i spoke to the travel agents and they said that people are still going there but the foreign office advices to stay away from crowded places i asked if we could change it and go somewhere else because of the children and theyre going to let me know but they think there shouldnt be a problem changing it so fingers crossed

OP posts:
whymummy · 28/05/2003 10:50

ive just been told that well lose half the money if we change the holiday its a lot of money to loose but since things seem a lot calmer well just go,if anything else happens in morocco before we go i dont mind loosing the money,i just couldnt relax

OP posts:
morocco · 28/05/2003 12:26

hope you enjoy the holiday!! Will let you know how things are going if you like (not that I am a great anti-terrorist expert or anything!) but so far, so good - security is really good now in all the hotels and tourist places and there have been big demos against terrorism in Casa.
Cool - we could have a mumset meet up in Agadir!!
I wish - sadly I have NO HOLIDAY until august - v jealous of you all!
Weather is lovely and beaches great right now

whymummy · 28/05/2003 16:42

oh thanks morocco!it`ll be lovely to hear the latest news from you,i might come to rabat to see you!!

OP posts:
whymummy · 28/05/2003 21:12

ive just realised rabat is too far were only going for a week otherwise i could have come to see you
i had to laugh when i told dh i like to go to rabat he went WHAAAAAAAAAT?? you didnt even want to go to agadir and now you want to go to rabat WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?? he thinks ive finally lost it

OP posts:
morocco · 29/05/2003 19:55

oh well - maybe next time!

whymummy · 30/05/2003 12:11

hi morocco,any news?dh said last night that he doesnt mind loosing the money if im going to be nervous about going i really dont know what to do anymore i mean were going into london today wich is probably just as dangerous

OP posts:
morocco · 02/06/2003 00:10

hello again whymummy - sorry not to reply for a while.
I have to say that it all seems back to normal really - v quiet, more police than normal out and about but everyone is still v friendly and there's no kind of bad atmosphere or tension.
That said, I can see your dh's point - if you won't really relax which after all is what a holiday is all about then maybe it's time to rebook? Mind you it's getting harder to find somewhere disease and terrorist free. . .

whymummy · 02/06/2003 09:53

hi morocco,thanks again,i think we will go,i always said that travelling is the best way to fight racism by learning about other peoples customs and religions and thats what i want the children to learn and those mindless b<strong>*</strong><strong>*</strong>s are not going to stop me,thats it!i`ve made up my mind,fingers crossed i still love to hear any news from you,thanks again

OP posts:
whymummy · 21/06/2003 16:24

hi morocco how are you? we`re coming tomorrow??any news from there??is it really,really hot??i remember marrakesh was a dry heat and very bearable the nights were chilly do you know if is the same in agadir?sorry for all the questions


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