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Holidaying with 17 month old in Dorset - where to go?

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gingernut · 07/05/2003 23:13

We are going to Dorset for a weeks holiday later this month, staying quite near Dorchester. Can anyone recommend places to visit with a 17-month old? A nice swimming pool with a beach pool for little ones would be great, a soft play area, maybe a farm park, good beaches (I'm hoping for nice weather!) etc.

And the PILs are coming with us so where can I suggest dh takes me out for a slap up meal while they babysit?


OP posts:
tamum · 08/05/2003 17:43

There's a really nice farm park quite close to Honiton, it would be about an hour's drive from Dorchester. It's called Farway, and you can get leaflets with maps in tourist info places. They have a soft play area in a barn, and a lovely sloping field overlooking a valley with a cafe at the top (tables outside) and lots of play equipment- trampolines, slides, little houses, a train, all that sort of stuff. They do lamb feeding and ferret races during the day, plus tractor rides to feed the deer, pony rides, you name it. It's such a nice setting, and our children love it. Hope you have a lovely time!

edgarcat · 08/05/2003 18:32

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edgarcat · 08/05/2003 18:37

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Rach13 · 08/05/2003 19:10

The nearest farm park is at Kingston Maurward College which has farm animals. I can also recommend Farmer Palmers where you can feed the lambs etc that is just past Wareham. Another good place to go is Abbotsbury where there is the Tithe Barn which has animals, soft play area, pony rides, sandpit etc. Also at abbotsbury is the Swannery where you will be able to see the swans nesting at this time of year. The nearest beach to Dorch is Weymouth which has nice sand. There is a sandpit and paddling pool area at Greenhill in Weymouth which is good for little ones.There is quite a lot to do in Weymouth including Sharkys which is another soft play area if the weather isn't too good.
Depends what sort of food you like there is a nice THai restaurant in Dorchester, the Sala Thai. There are a lot of good sea food restaurants in Weymouth, Perrys on the harbour is one of the best also Hamiltons. THere is also a nice Chinese in Weymouth called the Sea Palace which is above the pier so you have got nice views out to sea. Hope this helps, I live in Weymouth!

edgarcat · 08/05/2003 19:21

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edgarcat · 11/05/2003 19:26

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robinw · 12/05/2003 18:47

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gingernut · 12/05/2003 23:00

Thanks for all the suggestions ladies! Sorry I didn't respond earlier but we've had a problem with our internet connection so no Mumsnet for a few days !

How will I manage without Mumsnet when we're on holiday though? Perhaps someone can recommend an internet cafe in Dorchester so I can send you a postcard

OP posts:
robinw · 13/05/2003 19:27

message withdrawn

gingernut · 03/06/2003 23:50

Hi - thought I'd let you know we had a lovely time in Dorset. Didn't really want to come back, but here we are. ds absolutely loved Farmer Palmer's and the swans at Abbotsbury. We also found Wimborne Model Town quite interesting both for us and ds, who could rush around and work off steam there without us worrying too much (except when he tried to climb over the little fences and dive into the `river' ).

For our meal out, we decided to go to the local pub which was within walking distance . It was the Piddle Inn in Piddlethrenthide, and I can thoroughly recommend it if anyone is in that area. Took ds there for lunch too on our first day.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

OP posts:
triplets · 04/06/2003 20:45

We have been to that area several times, before and after having the children. A great place to take a toddler is Monkey World at Wool, thats quite near to you, Abbotsbury is good, and as suggested Moors Valley is wonderful, fab forest, lovely trails, good play area, and a little steam train. We found most of the pubs etc were good, so enjoy!

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