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car seat for mitsubishi carisma

4 replies

michelle276 · 29/04/2005 14:09

Hi - I'm looking for a combination rear & forward facing car seat suitable for newborn onwards. Cant find one that fits in our car - S reg Mitsubishi Carisma. If anyone has the same car with a combination seat, please can you tell me the make & model? Thankyou...

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bensmum3 · 01/05/2005 19:09

Have you tried the Britax website, or customer services ?, they test their seats in lots of cars and can advise which ones will fit.


michelle276 · 03/05/2005 12:55

Hi - yes - the ones on the Britax site that should fit our car apparently do not, according to mothercare/halfords fitters! But - thankyou in any case.

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bensmum3 · 03/05/2005 20:33

Michelle276, I had a car seat that mothercare eventually refunded because they got the fitting wrong, Halfords also said the seat was ok and that it needed to be a bit wobbly to be safe in my car,so I'm a bit negative about the competence of both these stores.
Britax actually test them in the cars, you can talk to a real person if you ring the helpline.
You could also try your local road safety unit, they sometimes do roadshows where they test seats, so might have someone that could advise you.


michelle276 · 04/05/2005 13:46

Really? That's worrying as I had thought the fitters would be experts...I'll call britax to see what they advise. Thank you again!

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