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Top Tips for Legoland please!

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SoupDragon · 31/03/2005 09:59

We're off to Legoland on 11th April with DSs (6 and 4). Any top tips? I've printed off the list of height restrictions from the website so we'll know in advace what they can't go on.

My top tip is ti save your Tesco Clubcard vouchers and buy your tickets with them. With clubcard vouchers it's cost us £22 for a family of 4!

OP posts:
MaryBS · 07/06/2005 06:00

We went last week and spent the two days there - had a great time!

csa - not sure if this is cheap enough, but buyagift have tickets for £15pp

We ended up upgrading to an annual pass while we were there. They knocked the price of a day ticket off, so it cost less than the full price of a day ticket. We've also booked a travelodge at Staines for only £26 for a family of 4 and are going again! The annual pass gives you some discounts in the shops and on food, but they have a warehouse tent outside at the moment - the stuff has 30% off already, and as an annual passholder you get a further 20% discount.

I didn't find the food too badly priced either - £2.99 for a kids meal including drink and a toy. I would take drinks though, because they could work out pricey - £1.50 for a 500ml bottle of pop.

csa · 07/06/2005 12:45

thanks marybs. but only valid for entry till the 30th of june. we were planning to go on the 1st july.
but i might try and give them a call and see if they have any offers for then. thanks for the link.

chatee · 28/08/2005 08:38

Is it worth going to Legoland in the October half term? is there enough to do inside if the weather is really bad?
failing this idea anyone got any good suggestions for a mini break with a 20 month old boy and a 5 year old girl with walking difficulties?
oh and it has to be fairly near a mainline train station thanks

jodee · 02/09/2005 22:47

No help, I'm afraid Chatee, but for the record we went today and had a great time, it was very busy - headed to the back of the park but went to the Dragon first instead of the Jungle Coaster and ended up queueing for 2 hours for the JC (no warning signs like on the other rides to tell you the estimated waiting time, if we'd known how long it was going to be we wouldn't have bothered, but ds (5.5) loved it).

They are very jobsworth at the Driving School (aged 6-13), and after queueing up he wasn't allowed on. If we'd known, we would have primed him to say "I'm six" when asked his age by the staff member. Instead we were walked over to the mini driving school for 3-5s (but fast-tracked through the queue). Very tame, and ds got frustrated. He would easily have managed the older Driving School. Seems bizarre that he is allowed on a hair-raising rollercoaster judged by his height ... oh well, we will know next time.

All in all a great day!

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