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Manchester - Lowry or Malmaison?

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rosehip · 08/01/2003 17:31

For getaway minus children - anyone been to either hotels? Thanks

OP posts:
Tinker · 08/01/2003 18:54

Not stayed at either but is the Lowry near to the Lowry theatre etc? If so, you're not in the city centre. What is the address? Malmaison is supposed to be the best in Mcr.

Zoe · 08/01/2003 19:09

Both are good - not been myself but highly recommended by close friends. I tried to get us into Manchester Malmaison for my birthday but it was fully booked . The Lowry is not close to the city centre but easily accessible by Metrolink and taxis etc - I think for a treat either would be fabulous!

Have fun

Ange8 · 08/01/2003 21:08

The Lowry Hotel is not near the Lowry Theatre - it is in the "city centre" although, because of the unusual layout of Salford and Manchester, its actually in Salford. It's closer to the expensive shopping end of Manchester (Deansgate, King Street) than the Malmaison, which is very close to Piccadilly BR station. The Lowry is Manchester's only 5 star hotel, and so it is the one the celebs pick when they're appearing at the nearby Arena. Both are recommended - if you can get a good room rate at the Lowry, it will be a treat.

valleygirl · 10/01/2003 14:18


stayed at the Malmaison in Glasgow which was excellent - stayed there at same time as the Prodigy, bit of a cool place to hang out. the staff very friendly, not at all pretentios as i had expected, fantastic breakfasts (better than any I've evr had barr Mauritius) and the resturant does great food. I am pretty sure that the Manchester Malmaison will be very similar - the only complaint was that the rooms were quite small, but bathrooms ridiculously large in comparison! But I guess that might not necessarily be relevant to the Manchester hotel.

ellasmum · 12/01/2003 23:14

Have stayed in Newcastle Malmaison and was v. impressed - a friend stayed in the one in Manchester last weekend and said it was great and in a good location.

janh · 13/01/2003 16:39

rosehip, there was a little bit on Manchester in Saturday's Guardian Travel section - they recommend the Malmaison, Alias Rossetti and Eleven Didsbury Park. ( and

I just went to the website to see if I could cut & paste the piece (it's a feature called Forward Planning - "cities that look to the future" - the others being Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Portland Oregon and Rotterdam. An interesting combination!) but it's not there.

janh · 13/01/2003 16:42

oops - not didsbuty - and no hyphen either!

(retires, blushing).

rosehip · 13/01/2003 16:55

Cheers! Looks like tough competition between these two. I understand you can get great deals at the Lowry on and from what Ange8 (thanks!) says The Lowry is in a good position for eateries etc. A couple of weeks away nil we go - can't wait!

OP posts:
bundle · 03/02/2003 17:02

ok...where's best to eat near to Malmaison Manchester? or should we try the hotel itself? staying there overnight this weekend

katierocket · 03/02/2003 18:11

Not had chance to read the rest of threads so sorry if repeating.
I've stayed at both - personally I prefer Malmaison - the Lowry is a little 'cold'.
Eleven didsbury park is fantastic too but obviously not city centre.
FOod wise - if you are in Didsbury the LIme Tree is fantastic - has been in national recommended guides for years. I'm a bit out of touch in city centre but if you want great food The Oxnoble pub on Liverpool Street is fantastic.
Also have heard really good things from friends about the restaurant at the top of the Urbis Centre (the amazing new building near Printworks)

Zoe · 04/02/2003 11:53

Malmaison is really close to Canal Street and some of the restaurants there are fab - I love Velvet.

Tinker · 04/02/2003 13:30

Or go to Chinatown - Yang Sing supposedly best Chinese in UK (including, gasp, London)

Amanda1 · 05/02/2003 09:27

Message withdrawn

Zoe · 05/02/2003 19:51

Amanda1 - we've been ot Stocks private dining room ( not quite as swish as it sounds as it is a sort of ante-room off the main restaurant for large parties) and the food was fab - it was my last night out before I found out I was pg with ds, so my memory may be slightly rose-coloured!

Have fun!

SRM · 07/02/2003 14:47

Have stayed at Midland Crowne Plaza which is very nice and very central with lovely restaurant, Chez Nico, and little swimming pool/spa. But know Malmaison's are good (stayed in Manchester one) and much more 'modern'...

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