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Holiday Vouchers??

3 replies

KatieMac · 25/11/2004 19:24

My Godmum says that we should buy 'Holiday Vouchers' - she implys that we pay a lump sum and 'buy' a holiday for Xno of years (in different places - not like timeshare)

Does anyone know what she's on about??

OP posts:

jampot · 25/11/2004 19:26

Nope - but I have apparently won a Spanish cruise for 2 people today


KatieMac · 25/11/2004 19:38

Congratulations Jampot

Now someone help me translate Godmum into english....

OP posts:

KatieMac · 26/11/2004 13:49

Does no-one have any idea?

OP posts:
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