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Where’s your favourite ever place you’ve been to?

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Careerchanger88 · 09/05/2022 09:22

In bed with covid (although it’s not bad) so idly scrolling and dreaming of travelling / holidaying.

where’s your favourite ever place you’ve been to?

Mine is Big Sur in California.

OP posts:

BibliophileYogiGirl · 09/05/2022 22:37

Thailand, definitely. Santorini and Amalfi Coast are stunning also.

Glad to see a PP said the Gili Islands, we're going in a few months!


Startuplife · 09/05/2022 22:42

Sunshine Coast in Australia. I drove it over about 5 days and had the most incredible time. Everywhere I stayed was stunning and had something different to offer. I only got as far as Fraser Island before I had to drive back to Brisbane so I’d love to go back one day and go up to Cairns.

Closer to home I have to say Seville. We went on a girls trip and I really wasn’t expecting much at all but it was such a wonderful city. 3 days of glorious sunshine, lots of cocktails and incredible food probably helped as well!

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