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MALTA: (1st time abroad for 20 years!)

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52andblue · 28/03/2022 09:40

I'd like to travel to Malta.
Pref this summer (tho I guess I could book up for next year - it seems ages away but I've a shoestringbudget so if it made a huge difference I'd wait) ??

I have 2 teens with ASD so need a decent hotel with aircon, not too fancy, not too rough and ready. A pool. A villa would be great but probs too £££££.

Any advice please?
I've not travelled since 2001 (honeymoon in Malta...) so I've lost all confidence 😕

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52andblue · 28/03/2022 19:25


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Moominmammashouse · 28/03/2022 19:32

I wouldn’t bother
There must b much nicer place to go
Had a couple of holidays there hotels were awful

DoWhatYouLike · 28/03/2022 20:55

I went to Malta years ago, hated it. It was all concrete and barren, nothing pretty or green. Gozo was lovely for a day, that was all.

Croatia is lovely but not Dubrovnik (full of tourists from the cruise ships that stop there, and it's where Game of Thrones was made, so the place gets packed).

We loved Porec. We stayed in Hotel Valamar Crystal and went 3 times

madmumofteens · 29/03/2022 09:22

I totally agree with DoWhatYouLike about Malta all concrete and barren and Gozo is lovely very peaceful and we too went for the day! Spot on too about Croatia though we went to Brac it was lovely though not very warm in May x

52andblue · 29/03/2022 15:54

Yeah, I know Malta isn't for everyone but I've a historic family connection so it really needs to be Malta itself not A N Other pretty Mediterranean tourist island.

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alwayswrighty · 29/03/2022 15:59

What is your budget?

lostlanguages · 29/03/2022 16:08

How about St Julians Bay Hotel?

Or you could look for something small in Senglea and use water taxi across into Valetta?

52andblue · 29/03/2022 20:04

Um, as little as poss? I know that's really unhelpful sorry (I've a feeling I'm going to be pretty shocked at price increases since 2001...)
I do need a clean room with airconditioning as kids will find heat hard. I'd prefer to be fairly central to Valetta if poss so we can walk around. I dont want to hire a car or do too much bus travel if poss.
Kids will want History and swimming I think so a pool would be nice. A 5* hotel will be well out of budget but too formal too so something smaller / less showy would be fine. We don't need a bar / entertainment packages or anything like that.

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lostlanguages · 29/03/2022 20:46


Lykia · 31/03/2022 04:32

Firstly, I would I try Jet2 and EasyJet holidays, enter some dates, use the filter and see what comes up. Then look on Trip Advisor to read up on the area and quality of the hotel.

midsomermurderess · 31/03/2022 14:37

Valletta is very beautiful but I really just know Gozo which is very sweet, quite ramshackle, dreadful roads, some fabulous, golden sandstone churches, but it does have charm. The short (20 min) ferry crossing does seem to keep the crowds at bay. Maybe try a travel agent?

52andblue · 31/03/2022 20:05

Yes, I need to go to a travel agent or just start googling defo.

I think I was just coming on here for a bit of an 'I can do it' confidence boost. I know a fellow single Mum who told me today she is taking her boys (similar ages) to Turkey on an all inclusive in 4 weeks. She's never taken them abroad before and is 'bricking it'.

I never travelled with my parents. Then travelled around Europe a lot for a decade. But it's been 20 years, and I've lost my confidence. With two ASD teens I need to be assertive (or they will endlessly discuss everything...) and confident (to give them confidence too). Thanks all.

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whataboutbob · 22/05/2022 16:40

If you’re still reading @52andblue i have been to Malta about 4 times as I have family there and always enjoy it. The only thing I would say is avoid July and august of you can. October 1/2 term might still be good, it’s as far south as North Africa. What I like about it is it feels safe, it’s warm, there’s loads of nice places to eat at good prices. Language not an issue as everyone speaks English. Lots of history if your kids are into that. As the Maltese are Catholic and family oriented, I would expect you’d feel at ease there with the kids. Unfortunately I can’t recommend a hotel, I’ve usually stayed with family but we’re off there this May half term and we’re staying in an air bnb. Sandy beaches are not much cop there but it’s good for snorkelling off the rocks, the water is clear and you usually see lots of fish, even if snorkelling of the main towns. The same would apply to croatia. If you want a Sandy beach turkey would be better.

countvoncount · 22/05/2022 16:43

I went to Malta back in February and really enjoyed it!
We stayed in mellieha, north of the island, but with excellent bus links getting about isn't any issue
Pergola hotel and spa, absolutely lovely place, hoping to go back later this year

StottyCakeandJam · 22/05/2022 17:48

I can recommend the AX Victoria Hotel in Sliema if that’s within budget (and if you’ve still not booked). The hotel was fab with a beautiful, rooftop pool. It’s just a short walk from there to catch the ferry to Valletta and the bus service there was also good.

waddleandtoddle · 22/05/2022 18:16

Labranda Riviera was one of my shoestring holidays and I really really enjoyed it. It's north Malta though, so hired a car - the furthest drive was 40 mins. If I was to do Malta again I'd stay at Golden Sands because a beach is important to me. The area around Blue Grotto had the best vibe and food. For Valletta I'd Air BnB now if I was shoe-stringing and in your place too as you say bar and entertainment isn't important - otherwise from my experience of going solo with kids I'd book from a package operator because I need kids/teens clubs so I get a break. Love Malta - have lots of fun and enjoy the lovely atmosphere ☺️

scrumbrum12 · 25/05/2022 11:18

Hey, did you book? We go to Malta quite a bit as have family there although non we can stay with anymore . My son is autistic. It is a very family , neurodivergence friendly place in my opinion. we avoid summer though as everyone in my family find the heat too much (those with maltese blood!!). I can give advice on nicest areas if you like if stil looking

Deathraystare · 27/05/2022 11:18

I went quite a few years back and in February when they had there carnival which was lovely. Yeah there are buses going all over the place. One place we went to, a guy was pulling up herbs growing wild to treat his neighbours kidneys!

I cannot give you the name of any hotels cos ours was very cheap so not great but we enjoyed ourselves.

However, I could not make it up those steps in Valetta now!!

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