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Under 16s, double vaccinated, travel rules?

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Worried234 · 07/10/2021 10:16

I am flying to Majorca in two weeks. I am fully vaccinated, as are my 15 and 12 year old children.
Does anyone know if they need a PCR test? Am struggling to find information.

OP posts:
abricotine · 07/10/2021 10:21

Where (which country) were your children vaccinated and what do you have to prove it?

abricotine · 07/10/2021 10:23

(Because NHS pass doesn’t work for U16s and we aren’t yet part of the EU scheme so if it’s U.K. I think they still need a test)

Worried234 · 07/10/2021 10:26

They were vaccinated here in England. I have letters from the GP and their records are linked to my NHS app.

OP posts:
PortIsaac68 · 07/10/2021 13:55

TUI advised me that our 12 year old who has had one jab would need a rapid antigen test prior to leaving uk for holiday in Greece. There isn't clear advice on this though.

tumpymummy · 07/10/2021 17:39

I am traying to find out similar for a 17year travelling to mainland Spain. All I can find is 'fully vaccinated' but I'm not sure if 1 vaccination counts as fully vaccinated?

abricotine · 07/10/2021 18:59

One vaccine isn’t enough to be considered fully vaccinated for Europe.

My guess is that if you don’t have an NHS covid pass showing two vaccinations in the traveller’s name then you should test to enter (to be safe). They might accept a GP letter but it’s not clear from the FCDO website that Spain accepts anything other than the NHS pass from U.K. travellers. Thankfully it’s being updated for younger teenagers but last I checked it only worked for 16+.

PortIsaac68 · 07/10/2021 20:19

Yes I'm going to get a test for our daughter for Greece. I think one jab doesn't count as fully vaccinated. Wish the guidelines could be more specific.

Jigsawprison · 07/10/2021 20:32

I spoke to Jet2 today they have said that 1 jab should be classed as unvaccinated and therefore need to test as per guidelines for place you are going to and again uk rules on return.

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