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What would you do?

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ijustneedasleep · 21/06/2020 12:38

Hiya, I'm needing some thoughts on a holiday change and really don't know what to do.

Last month we got a great deal for a week in Spain in April 2021 for us and two sons who will be 12 and 1.5 by then.

Last week I found out I was pregnant again (definitely not planned) and so DC3 would only be 2 months old by then. Figured that'd be the holiday cancelled, feel really guilty but decided we could try and do a wee uk break to make it up to dc1 who is so excited about holiday.

Last night we went to cancel it and on top of losing our deposit we'd need to pay a £600 cancellation fee.
So now we can't decide whether to try and bring it forward to September/October ( meaning dc2 will be younger and possibly harder to travel with) or just cut our losses and lose almost a grand in fees/deposit.

Only other option would be to put it off till later but I'm already nervous about travelling with one baby never mind two so doubt we'll go down that route.

I'd love any advice or thoughts on the situation please!

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Mo81 · 21/06/2020 19:32

I had the exact same situation booked holiday then found out i was pregnant i jist took the hit money wise if your insured you can maybe get money back through them

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