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Good Rocky coves for jumping into sea for swimming - Majorca?

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WaxOnFeckOff · 08/01/2020 13:14

Looking for the holy grail, we usually go to Menorca, have a couple of beaches we go to that have great bits for jumping into the sea/swimming back to beach or just getting out back onto the rocks.

DH and older teen DSs love that.

We like the quiet, like being able to walk into the town for nice food and also eat locally. To be honest it suits us down to the ground. However.... we've basically been to the same place (different villas/hotel) for about 4 years (but about 6 different holidays to menorca) and would like just a few different things to see and do. It's a small island, we know it well, we've done all the trips and activities.

We've done different holidays, Camping in various countries in europe, AI etc in Turkey.

We are not particularly sociable, happy with our own company, DS2 wont swim in the pool of a hotel or apartment etc as he has bad scarring on his body from acne and doesn't want anyone to see it - he prefers the sea where people aren't so close. We like to walk and aren't really too bothered about it being hot when we do.

So I guess I'm looking for similar but different? Thought maybe Majorca but open to suggestions.

Not interested in a cruise or places with lots of disco type entertainment or an activity holiday.

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Mybobowler · 08/01/2020 13:59

Have a look at Deia in Majorca - might be up your street? My Dad lives there so I've visited the island several times, and that northern corner is lovely, especially in late spring.

WaxOnFeckOff · 08/01/2020 14:16

Thanks, I'll have a look, must be lovely having your Dad living somewhere so lovely to visit.

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BarbaraofSeville · 09/01/2020 08:43

We did that in Cala Llombards on the east coast – great fun. We only had a day there and didn’t eat because the beach bar was very expensive (5 euro for a can of beer and a simple meal for 2 would have cost around 50 euro) and everything in the town was closed when we looked but it was 4/5 pm by then so after the main Spanish lunchtime – I think everything was shut up for the siesta, it would also have been outside the main season as we usually go in September. I remember that the rocks were uncomfortable to walk on though, so maybe take beach shoes.

The other one I know about is St Peter’s Pool in the south of Malta. There is (or used to be, it was some years ago) a man and his dog who were quite well known in that the man and the dog both went to jump off the rocks. I don’t know how this is as a holiday location though, whether you can stay in the area, or would be better staying somewhere else and going for the day, but the advantage of Malta being small is that you can see quite a lot of the island over a week so stay wherever suits.

WaxOnFeckOff · 09/01/2020 23:14

Thank Barbara, I'm busy looking over at that area of Majorca. They don't mind the stony rocks, they wear their flip flops and then use them on their hands to swim back to shore to save the walk back on the rocks.

I'll have a look at malta too but DH and I went one year pre DC and it's the hottest place I've ever encountered - and I've been to Mexico and India.. We ended up falling out, our hotel was a bit rubbish so we've never had the guts to go back. Scenery was lovely and we went over to Gozo and DH was jumping off some cliff but I don't think he'd have the guts nowadays! Possibly a higher jump that we are looking for :o

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MajorBumsore · 10/01/2020 22:20

Have you thought about the Greek islands? We did lots of rock jumping into wonderful seas in Kefalonia. If you go at the end of August, it’s not too hot and relatively quiet (we stayed in Lourdata) by best beach was Agios Thomas

BeTheRabbit · 10/01/2020 22:22

I would say you would adore Croatia. Beautiful rocky beaches and a fantastic sea to swim in.

Campervan69 · 10/01/2020 22:23

When are you thinking of going as we went to Majorca two years running in August and it was ridiculously busy. However there was good jumping off the rocks where we went the second year which was Porto Petro/Cala Dor area.

We love Menorca as well but like you have done it to death so we are trying Ibiza this coming October for a change.

FunnysInLaJardin · 10/01/2020 22:31

Cala Llamp in Mallorca is amazing. We went last year and its basically a rock shelf which you jump off into a crystal clear lagoon with masses of fish. The most amazing place. We stayed at Port D'Andratx and it was a 5 minute drive there.

Our DS's are 10 and 14 and loved it.

We are going to Kefalonia this year but I would go back to Mallorca for its beaches in a heart beat.

kazza446 · 10/01/2020 22:36

Porto petro has some lovely areas. We stayed at the iberostar hotel. It was lovely but very busy.

Fantababy · 10/01/2020 22:42

I immediately thought of Croatia. Lapad near Dubrovnik is full of little rocky coves with ladders for swimming. Lots of bars with swimming platforms too. The water is crystal clear - just gorgeous.

BarracudaSharkNose · 10/01/2020 22:43

Kefalonia gets a vote from me too. Great beaches. We hired bikes and cycled round the island, some beaches are only accessible from the sea or by walking. It ithaka, smaller, much quieter, though kefahalonia is pretty quiet anyway. It’s beautiful and green.

WaxOnFeckOff · 10/01/2020 22:44

Oh thank you for lots more lovely ideas to look at. We have the last two weeks of June off or the last week of August. We'd probably go in June.

We don't mind it being hot. We've regularly been away and had high 30s/low 40s but that year in Malta was something else, it was 40's but very dry searing heat, our room had no AC, fan was too noisy to sleep, DH wouldn't have the window open for mosquitos, I had a frozen shoulder, the pool was on the roof and I was too scared of heights to use it and we majorly fell out. There is a photo DH took of me that he calls "misery personified". We can laugh about it now, but at the time we'd only been married a year. Still together (25 years next year!).

I'll have a good look over the weekend and see if I can narrow down a few options. Thanks again.

OP posts:
WaxOnFeckOff · 10/01/2020 22:58

A few photos to illustrate what we like :)

Good Rocky coves for jumping into sea for swimming - Majorca?
Good Rocky coves for jumping into sea for swimming - Majorca?
Good Rocky coves for jumping into sea for swimming - Majorca?
OP posts:
BeTheRabbit · 10/01/2020 23:04

That is Croatia to a T.

WaxOnFeckOff · 10/01/2020 23:06

and this is Turkey, jumping into an ice cold river...

Good Rocky coves for jumping into sea for swimming - Majorca?
OP posts:
PlanDeRaccordement · 10/01/2020 23:08

Corsica has lovely rocky beaches.

PlanDeRaccordement · 10/01/2020 23:11

Canyoning as well.

Good Rocky coves for jumping into sea for swimming - Majorca?
Good Rocky coves for jumping into sea for swimming - Majorca?
WaxOnFeckOff · 10/01/2020 23:17

Will have a good look at all the suggestions. Neither of us want to drive abroad so we want somewhere that has enough nearby for lunches etc, happy to walk a fair way for dinner or just a walk in the afternoon and it would also be handy if there is a bus for getting further away. Would like to be fairly handy for the sea as we tend not to go down and stay for the day, we will go down for an hour or two at a time maybe a couple of times a day. The guys will pop down with just goggles and a towel that they can leave on the beach and grab when they come out the sea and wander back to hotel/apartment/villa.

OP posts:
Yesyesitsme · 10/01/2020 23:24

I'd love to know where you go in Menorca if you don't mind sharing?

WaxOnFeckOff · 10/01/2020 23:32

@Yesyesitsme We go to Cala Santandria/Cala Blanca area. happy to give recommendations/information if you say what you like :)

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Costacoffeeplease · 11/01/2020 00:08

The algarve would be an option too, further west has more cliffs and coves than the east

Carvoeiro has a cove with cliffs either side, lots of restaurants, and apartments and villas within walking distance

(I live here so am biased!)

WaxOnFeckOff · 11/01/2020 00:11

Thanks Costa, that must be lovely. It doesn't need to be particularly high, they just like the sea but aren't too fussed for the beach. They like jumping off boats too but not paying for a boat trip every day :o

Just to add, DS2 will only swim in the sea but is scared of fish...that's why he likes the clear water so he can see where the fish are...

OP posts:
Costacoffeeplease · 11/01/2020 00:14

There are worse places we could be Wink

Daffodil101 · 11/01/2020 00:14

The area of cala d’or called Cala Esmeralda has rocks exactly as you describe,

Daffodil101 · 11/01/2020 00:15

(In fact I had to enlarge your photos to check that wasnt the same place)

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