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Driving to southern France. Stopover or plough through?

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Pippapotomus · 04/01/2020 11:35

This summer we are driving to the Ardeche. Three dc in the backseat,who will watch a dvd if they can all agree on one but will need a run around every so often on the way.

I’m wondering whether to have a whole day of travelling, or leave the afternoon before we had planned, then have an overnight stop.

We have driven in France before, but only to Paris and back. (We will be going via euro tunnel due to dd1 spectacularly vomiting all over a restaurant on a ferry bound for Calais last year. Seats,table,walls and windows were covered)

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EntropyRising · 06/01/2020 08:12

Really depends on how far you are from Folkstone.

We regularly drive to the Alps which isn't so far off. The roads out of Calais are great, mostly toll roads, but incredibly dull. You can go quite fast - mind you, I just received my first French speeding ticket for our December Alps trip.

We normally stop at the Holiday Inn Dijon which is a pretty good split, but a bit closer to the destination than origin. You could do the opposite on the return, and stay in Riems.

I'd book the Eurotunnel early (I think you can use Tesco points) and I highly recommend Flexi when travelling with kids.

Have fun.


Pippapotomus · 06/01/2020 10:03

I'm in London, so the drive to the tunnel is around 1 & 1/2hrs if traffic is good.

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