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Holiday in F with 1 year old -not too expensive : ideas ?

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Thewiseone · 06/08/2002 14:25

My brother, his wife and their 1 yo live in Canada and already have their plane tickets for France in early Sept. Their plans have changed and they are now looking for an alternative holiday.... they'd like decent weather (so the South seems like a good idea!) but they need to be able to do things with their child.... who is not a keen car traveler (so they'd go to the south in TGV-trains) and possibly rent a car...

Any ideas of clubs or other suggestions ???

Thanks guys !

OP posts:
bettys · 06/08/2002 14:42

Try for apartment & pool complexes around France. There are several threads with more website address and ideas for holidaying in France if you do a search.

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