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Allocated on arrival

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bonniej · 16/08/2004 11:17

We have just booked a holiday where accommodation is allocated on arrival. It was a last minute thing and we're going on Wednesday. I've always known where i'm going before and have never booked one like this. We've got a one year old so are a bit worried we'll get the loud noisy bit (we're going to ibiza). Has anyone been on one of these holidays before and what were your experiences. Do they take notice of the ages of the people travelling? We're guaranteed at least a three star so that's some consolation I suppose

OP posts:
Blu · 16/08/2004 11:47

Yes, I went on one, to Ibiza, when I was a childless, cava-swigging, sex on the balcony, dope-smoking menace! (a long long time ago...)We were put in a very nice family apartment block, which was quite close to the airport. So, from my experience, no, not a lot of discernment about where people get put! (but we were very nice to the families and children: we organised the kids into lilo-water-polo in the pool every afternoon so that the parents could have a break!). I think that if there is a choice, they do sort people into the most appropriate accommodation.

Furball · 16/08/2004 12:34

I used to be a holiday rep and it really is pot luck. They do not take anything into consideration. Although travel agents do try and say otherwise to get a sale. Because it is Ibiza and high season, chances are, all the noisey bits are booked and you'll get somewhere a bit quieter. It will be fun, enjoy it, make the most of wherever you end up it is YOUR holiday and its also not the holiday companies fault if you end up in the main street of San Antonio, which hopefully you won't.

Good Luck and have a fantastic time.

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