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Trip to Longleat

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wordgirl · 04/08/2004 08:49

Does anyone have (or know where I can get) some money off vouchers for Longleat. I think Tesco's must have had some because there are a lot for sale on e-bay. I have bid for a few but keep getting outbid and haven't got much longer as we are going down to Bath on Tuesday. As we have three DSs it would make a big difference if some of them could get in free!

OP posts:
Hulababy · 04/08/2004 08:51

Sorry no idea but have you checked on as they sometimes do?

wordgirl · 04/08/2004 09:20

Thanks Hulababy, but seem to do everywhere but Longleat. It's really annoying knowing that somewhere there's a plentiful supply of money off vouchers and that people are making a tidy profit flogging them on e-bay!

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bunny2 · 04/08/2004 20:57

Do you want some Tesco vouchers? I have a load stuck to my fridge as I always spend loads of money in Tescos. LEt me know and I'll stick 'em in the post.

wordgirl · 05/08/2004 09:01

Oh Bunny, I have only just seen this! I spent most of yesterday on e-bay and have managed to get two vouchers. My only worry now is that they won't arrive in time. Anyway, fingers crossed and thanks a lot for your kind offer.
PS. You want to put those vouchers on e-bay - some people will pay good money for them

OP posts:
bunny2 · 05/08/2004 09:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

wordgirl · 05/08/2004 14:22

Hi Bunny, I paid £1.68 (inc postage) for one (which has arrived today phew!) and £3 something for the other (which has yet to arrive).
So not exactly megabucks but if you get them free...
Anyway, if the second one doesn't arrive by Monday I may have to take you up on your kind offer and get you to post them to the hotel for me or something if that's ok.
I take it you live in the South West area and that you've been to Longleat - if so please don't tell me it's crap

OP posts:
bunny2 · 05/08/2004 14:28

sure, let me know. Logleat is a good day out except during the Foot and Mouth crisis when we went and there were no animals!

nonstopmum · 13/10/2004 17:09

I don't suppose bunny2 has any of the tesco vouchers left. We are hoping to go for half term

Maudy · 13/10/2004 17:22

Wordgirl I went to Longleat last weekend (for the 2nd time this year) and it was fab. How old are you kids? I was with and 18month old, 2 1/2 yr old, 6 yr old and a 14yr old and they all really enjoyed it. Make sure you leave a whole day for it as there is loads to do.

Hope you have fun!

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