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Disneyland Paris........From what age ???

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nutcracker · 28/07/2004 21:23

My mom is desaperate for me and the kids to go to Disneyland Paris with her sometime next year.
Thing is, if we went between Jan and March (cheapest cos kids go frr) then Ds would only be just 2, and TBH i don't think i could cope with him on a coach all the way there and back.

My Dd's would be 5 and 7 and i think they would really enjoy the whole trip and get the most enjoyment out of it.
I feel that if I took Ds aswell, I would spend most of the trip very very stressed out.

Would a 2 yr old be a bit too young to enjoy it all, or am i just being a nasty mommy, wanting an easy life.

OP posts:
iota · 28/07/2004 21:48

nutty we took ds 1 when he was 22 mths - I was expecting ds2 at the time. We went by Eurostar which helped as you can walk around with them when they get bored.

If you go would recommned the train

Hulababy · 29/07/2004 09:32

We took DD initially for a day trip last October when she was 18 months - and she loved it so much we went back the next day. She adored the characters and the rides.

We went by car though so didn't have a coach trip stress.

DD had such a great time, as did me and Dh that we are off to Disney in Florida in two weeks time, and we are all so excited!!! Dd will be 2y 4m and 90cm tall so she can go on even more rides this time round!

Chandra · 29/07/2004 09:38

Nutty, we went with DS when he was 15m and he hated it, but then he was barely walking and found all the noise and lots of people too much.

In the practical side, beware of Paris in Jan-Feb, it rains more than here and it's colder, the first and last time I went to Paris in winter I remember removing ice from my eyelashes after a short walk. But then they said it has been the worst winter in years...

Cam · 29/07/2004 17:04

Nutty, presumably your ds will be in a pushchair? I think he will get cold at that time of year especially as it gets dark so early then.

cerys · 02/08/2004 08:45

We went this April and DD1 was nearly 4 and DD2 was 22 months. DD2 did really enjoy it and went on lots of the rides in Fantasyland. Small World and Dumbo were her favourites. I had the same reservations as you, although we went by plane, so I can't comment on the coach trip bit. If you've got your mum, with you, I'm sure you'll be fine and have a lovely time


littlemissbossy · 02/08/2004 09:27

We look ds to disneyland when he was aged 1 and then again aged 2 - he loved it both times! we went in the summer though by car. It will obviously be cold when you go but you'll still enjoy it, just be prepared to wrap up warm!

Hulababy · 02/08/2004 09:30

We went at the end of October so it was pretty chilly then too (just a bit!!!) but it was fine. DD was runnong about so much it didn't affect her during the day at all. And she had a little blanket to wrap over her legs int he evening if needed.

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