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Can you get a romantic break cheaply without having to stay in El Shitto B and B?

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fairyfly · 10/07/2006 13:55

As in under a hundred quid for the room, not per person, that is stylish and smart and maybe a little bit different.

In the Lakes, Yorkshire, Derbyshire maybe, well anywhere not too far from Manchester.

OP posts:

wordgirl · 10/07/2006 14:03

fairyly, I bookmarked this when someone on MN recommended it. It also has a sister hotel called Aphrodites Lodge(!) - follow the link from the website.


WideWebWitch · 10/07/2006 14:04

Fairyfly, look at laterooms , you can get huge discounts if you can wait until the last minute. I've stayed at Eleven Didsbury Park which is on Laterooms for £81 for some nights. If you don't go through Laterooms it's still worth haggling when you call a hotel. So I reckon yes, you can get a room for under £100 per room per night without it being el shitto, absolutely.


fairyfly · 10/07/2006 14:06

Thanks, that would be perfect if i was to go midweek but for the weekend it is 130 a night.

I have a feeling i'm asking the impossible.

OP posts:

WideWebWitch · 10/07/2006 14:08

look at Mr and Mrs Smith, they've recently started adding boutique b&bs, which are cheaper than their hotels


WideWebWitch · 10/07/2006 14:09

Also worth a look is The Guardian travel site


fairyfly · 10/07/2006 14:10

Thanks www, Didsbury a bit too near, i've been looking on laterooms, i shall keep my eyes open.

OP posts:

WideWebWitch · 10/07/2006 14:10

look, top 50 under £50!


fairyfly · 10/07/2006 14:31

Thankyou www, i'' trawl through those, ive not seen any i like yet.

Loads in mr and mrs smith though >sigh

OP posts:

meowmix · 10/07/2006 14:35

try The Potting Shed in Chapel-en-le-Frith in Derbyshire. Very remote and very lovely. Lovely couple running it too.


katierocket · 10/07/2006 14:53

the pheasant inn is gorgeous. Lovely rooms, fantastic view of cheshire but also a lovely cosy pub atmosphere at night with great food. We had a fantastic night there.


fairyfly · 10/07/2006 15:58

Tanks, i like the look of the Pheasant in. Do you know Katy if it is far for a taxi as remote is good but we probably want a night out aswell.

OP posts:

katierocket · 10/07/2006 16:02

It is really lovely. I'm not sure about taxis. The nearest town is Chester (says on their website that it is 15 mins by car). It is quite remote so unless you want to get pissed in the pub you're probably best getting a rough idea from them of how much a taxi would be.


fairyfly · 10/07/2006 16:16

oh the menu looks fab, im going to ring now and hope they have vacancies, thanks!

OP posts:

fennel · 10/07/2006 16:24

Biggin Hall in Derbyshire (south of Buxton) is nice. about £70 a room I think but it has geese on the lawn and in winter does free mulled wine which always entices me.


fennel · 10/07/2006 16:26

here's the website. we had a lovely weeekend there

Biggin hall


schneebly · 10/07/2006 16:27

just made the mistake of reading the menu for the pheasant inn!


katierocket · 10/07/2006 17:56

hope they have some space ff. The food is yum.


hellywobs · 25/02/2007 18:08

You certainly can - have a look at the Bed and Breakfast Nationwide website or Stay in Style - quality B&Bs that don't cost the earth.


Lilymaid · 28/02/2007 13:39

Upmarket B&B between Buxton and Ashbourne:
The Smithy
We have stayed there and have booked to go again. Restaurants in Ashbourne, Buxton or in many pubs in nearby villages. Also this rather strange, but good fun Italian restaurant just up the road:

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