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My ex is taking 4yo ds to India for a holiday. Any tips on coping?

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jsmummy · 06/02/2002 11:13

My ex, with whom I have a good relationship is taking our 4yo ds to India soon for a holiday. Ex is British Indian and they are going to see family. Ex's mother, who has a brilliant and close relationship with my ds, is there and thrilled that they are both going. I feel anxious about it since ds has never been this far away from me before or for this long (2 1/2 weeks). Have asked ex to ensure:

  • Calls me on arrival and daily
  • Smothers ds in sunblock/insect repellant
  • Doesn't leave ds with anyone except exMIL
  • Careful about water/food
  • Takes Malaria tablets
  • Lets me see them off at airport and collect on return.

    Is there anything I've forgotten? Ds has had typhoid/hep A jabs. FO advice is that it's a safe area to travel to (there is fighting in India). I just cried even as I was emailing ex list of things to promise me... Any tips on coping? My Dad died last year and it was a big shock so maybe my fears are exacerbated by this, but if anyone has had a similar experience I'd be glad to hear it or any tips. Or anything I've forgotten to check out. Am about to see what Air India's safety record is like, that's how over the top I am about the whole thing!
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Janus · 06/02/2002 14:44

I haven't been to India so don't know what the exact jabs that are needed but I would (if you haven't already) ask at your GP surgery, they may also suggest you ring a national holiday health line but I can't remember what they are called. Can you take Malaria tablets that young? If so, don't go for Larium/Mefloquine (if they still use it) as I was on this for travels in Thailand and had horrible side effects which were widely publicised a couple of years later. I think they were banning it but don't know if they ever did so would avoid it if it is still in use. Try and insist that your son is indoors particularly at twilight/sunrise as this is when the mosquitoes (sp?!) are at their worst.
What I think you should bear in mind is obviously your ex loves and adores your son and I'm sure he will be looking out for him very well.
I hope it is a success and maybe you should book up lots of nights out and see everything possible at the cinema to not be sitting at home and thinking about it all the time!

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