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Holiday home swaps - good or bad

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Mermaid2 · 20/01/2004 11:30

Hello, just wondered whether anyone could recommend a good site or company. Am interested and would like to know more. Thanks.

OP posts:
SecondhandRose · 20/01/2004 18:45

We are with them and would highly recommend them. You can have a good look at the site as a 'guest'.

It costs about £120 for a year with a photo.

CountessDracula · 20/01/2004 22:37

We did one to San Francisco a few years ago and it was brilliant

You can look at the listings free too.

spacemonkey · 20/01/2004 23:11

I seem to remember was a good home swap site, but can't speak from experience as i've not tried it yet (would also be interested!)

SofiaAmes · 20/01/2004 23:45

I tried after it was recommend on mumsnet and am hopefully going to do a swap in la in april. It is nice to be able to look at the listings for free. You should be ready with digital pix of your house to email people before you start responding to their ads, because they will want to see them.
Also, it's worth trying It's mostly american cities, but they do have a site for London which lots of americans advertise on and it's worth checking the site of the city you are interested in, as maybe you will find someone who wants to swap. They are a non-profit website and it's free to advertise.

SueW · 21/01/2004 00:10

The NCT also has a houseswap register. Cost £29.95pa to register. You complete the forms and are added to and sent a directory. Fornightly email updates for those with email access. Houses are mainly in the UK but some overseas.

Email thetupmans at yahoo dot co dot uk for more info.

Libra · 21/01/2004 14:37

We joined Intervac last year and so far have done three swaps with them and have another (to France) lined up for the summer. I think it costs about £90. Would really recommend doing it - means you don't have to drag loads of toys and baby stuff with you if you arrange to swap with someone with children.

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