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Cornwall-please help

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Mala · 01/05/2006 11:56

My brother-in-law and his family are coming over from the States in Aug and they want to go to Cornwall. We will be going for 3-4 days. I have only been once on a field trip years ago and would love some advice.
I like the look of Tintagel castle and Minack theatre-can these be done in one day? Which would be the best place to stay-I was thinking maybe Penzance, St Ives or Mousehole. I have also been reading about Newquay and it seems like a nice place. I have heard of the Lost Gdns of Heligan-don't know if this is worth it or whether it is anywhere near the other places I mentioned. I am completely clueless as you can see!
Where else can we go or do? What beaches are good?
Can anyone recommend any child friendly B&B's(we will have a 12 and 3 year old) to stay.
Would appreciate any advice, keeping in mind that we are there for only 3/4 days.

OP posts:

Whizzz · 01/05/2006 12:31

YOu could see Tintagel & Minack in a day but you woudl have to drive from one end of Cornwall to the other - in Aug the roads would be busy.
I'd plan one day in the North & one in the South & try & stay somewhere in the middle !

Nice website \link{\here}
Heligan is nice but only if you are really into gardens - kids may get bored. Eden Project is prob more for kids - but again will be busy in Aug.


MaloryTowers · 01/05/2006 12:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mala · 01/05/2006 12:55

Thanks for the website Whizzz, it's fab.

We'll give Newquay a miss then Malorytowers.
I want somewhere central to stay, where we can go see the places I mentioned, maybe go to St Michael's mount as well(anyone been-is it worth it?) and also somewhere with nice beaches to chill. Don't want to be driving around too much, wish we could go for a week as there seems so much to do and see for just three days.

OP posts:

Whizzz · 01/05/2006 12:59

St Michaels mount is the sort of place you drive past - its impact is better from further away.
If you go the Minack theatre, Porthcurno beach at its foot is the best beach IMO - stunning & unspoilt.
We prefer the smaller beaches rather than the hustle & bustle of places like Newquay


Mala · 01/05/2006 13:04

Thanks for that Whizzz, yes definately prefer the smaller beaches.
It will definately save us time(more time to chill on the beach) if we can just drive past St Michael's Mount!

OP posts:

mabel1973 · 01/05/2006 13:08


I would give newquay a miss - it's not that nice
We always stay in Padstow, which is v. busy during the day, but as they tend to be coach parties, they all go home at night, and it is a really lovely place, with lost of nice pubs, restaurants etc.
We go to Trevone Bay if we want to hit the beach. It is sheltered as there are rocks all round very safe for children to play in the little pools and you can surf there. Trevone is about half amile from Padstow.
I njoyed Heligan, but then I do like Gardens.
I have been told it is well worth driving down to the Lizard which is a bit further, but meant to be beautiful, we are hoping to do that this year.
Tintagel itself is a bit tacky - we went to go to the castle, but due to the steep steps and having a 6 month old in a buggy we ended up having to turn around and climb back up the hill.
The three yr old may enjoy Old Macdonalds Farm which is near Newquay - loads of baby animals and a little train to ride on.
Port Isaac is also very pretty - not a great deal there though.


Whizzz · 01/05/2006 13:17

I always think the North coast is the dramatic one for sandy beaches & cliffs & the Lizard side is more scenic estuarys & rivers
I love Cornwall !
We are there in August too ! Grin


jamsam · 01/05/2006 13:20

definatly go to heligan..its amazing ( if you are into that stuff) and try mousehole or st ives..very nice to stay in.
i took the kids to bude when they were 18 months and 3, they loved it, im also friends with the head life guard on perenporth beach, he says try yha and move around the ara, staying in a different village each night, that turns it into more of a 'tour' than a holiday..have fun XX


GDG · 01/05/2006 13:23

I love St Ives and there are some lovely beaches hidden away around there.

Tintagel also fabbo so worth a visit. Clovelly (sp?) is also lovely - a little village but you have to pay to enter it. You could do that and Tintagel in one day.

LOVE Cornwall - we are there in August too! Hey, if you can manage it, go to Rick Stein's restaurant in Padstow! We've never been but have heard it's fab and are going this year.


Mala · 01/05/2006 13:24

thanks Mabel1973. I was thinking of Padstow initially, so I'll go have a hunt on the internet to see if I can find a good B&B there. I am so confused now and don't know whether to look in Penzance/St Ives as well, I think in the end it will depend on which B&B I find. We are driving down from London, so maybe we can stop of at Tintagel on the way there or back. Our American relatives love all those historic, castle-type places so have to visit atleast one to keep them happy!
I like the look of Old Mcdonalds farm, but think we'll save that when we do a holiday on our own(with our 3 yr old), as I think they and their 12 year old might not find it as fun.

OP posts:

Bink · 01/05/2006 13:26

There is masses all over Cornwall - you could find more than enough to do in 3 days pretty much anywhere. But to think of driving about in August is to let yourself in for a major major headache - the roads are mostly small, windy, slow and in August just crammed. I think what you should do is pick your place to stay as being easy to get to (eg Penzance, dual carriageway most of the way there, or maybe Helston) and then call the local tourist office to see what is on offer in the way of accom - the other important thing being that by now many of the places to stay will be full up for August.


Mala · 01/05/2006 13:28

GDG-thanks for that about Clovelly , will check it would. Yes will definately stop off for fish and chips at Rick Steins.

Jamsam - Will try and fit heligan, think the adults will like it, not sure about the children.

Whizzz-You, me and half of Britain are in Cornwall in Aug it seems. Had not idea you had to book cottages and the like a year ahead. Some for Aug 2007 and booked already. Clearly I know better for next year!

OP posts:

Mala · 01/05/2006 13:32

I definately don't want to be stuck in traffic Bink. Now I'm thinking maybe stay in Penzance for a day or two and then drive up towards Padstow for another day, rather than basing ourselves in one place.

OP posts:

Whizzz · 01/05/2006 13:44

Mala yes, its the first time we have gone in Aug (thanks to DS now being at school !). We usually go in June or Sept - we had trouble booking but did manage to get something - we are stying near Geever - it's going to be heaving !


rbj949703 · 01/05/2006 23:42

Chips from Rick Stein's chippy are fab. Haven't tried the restaurant yet.

Mousehole is good for chilling, BUT don't drive into it, get the bus from Penzance.

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