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Sands in Cornwall - anybody been there?

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mckenzie · 13/01/2004 19:29

A leaflet arrived throught he post today advertising Sands Resort in Cornwall and it all looks rather nice. Has anyone been there? Is it as good as it looks or have the marketing people earned their money?

OP posts:
LIZS · 13/01/2004 19:42

We went a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Since then , according to friends who have visited each of the past 3 years, they have been updating it. Service was excellent and food good. We found it not especially luxurious but then prices are less than some other family hotels (such as the nearby Bedruthan Steps, to which it is related, and the Luxury Family Hotels). The brochure is slightly misleading in that everything seems smaller in reality. Location is lovely and close enough to tourist places for short trips so that you can also make use of the kids clubs and have a break.



prettycandles · 14/01/2004 15:35

Just been last September. It is nice, very well located and very good kids food in the evening. Adult food could be better! Also nice kids evening entertainment (about 6pm IIRC). We didn't use the baby/kids 'clubs' but the baby one looked nice, and as we were there out of school holidays both children were able to play in the unsupervised indoor playroom which is otherwise the 4-6yo clubroom.

But if you're in the least bit claustrophobic don't take a Pool Suite - the parents' 'room' is completel internal, with no windows.

Emmalou · 21/01/2004 15:06

We went last year, June, with another family. We had a lovely time and even discussed going back this year. We were disappointed with the "look and feel" of the hotel somwhat. We expected it to be a bit plusher, it's pretty basic, nice but basic. The facilities were great for the kids, especially their food. Some of the group were disappointed with the adult food. Value for money probably 9 out of 10. Location is good too but a bit further back from the sea than expected.
Also surprised to find that our room was open plan, no doors between living area and kids bedroom so we had to swap rooms for more privacy. going to bedruthan steps this year, about twice the price !

prettycandles · 21/01/2004 15:15

Emmalou, I popped over to have a look at Bedruthan while we were at Sands - unless you're in the main hotel, the rooms are even more open-plan than at Sands!

Gem13 · 21/01/2004 15:45

We went in October 2001 with our 10 week old. It was a good 'first' holiday place. We thought the food was very good if a bit samey (we were there for 4 nights, would have been bored by it if longer) and there was something a bit basic about it and a bit package holiday. Pre babies we were more independent.

Good location for car drivers, a bit too far from the beach though.

We enjoyed it but I don't think we'd go back but it depends on the age of your children.

Emmalou · 21/01/2004 16:22

Prettycandles, we had a look too and were a bit concerned about that but they have villas with 2 bedrooms - the childrens one being completely separate so I thinnk (hope!) we'll be OK. Hopefully I won't be back on here in June about this ...

prettycandles · 23/01/2004 15:06

Please do come back and tell all. We're trying to decide whether to shell out the extra £££ to go to Bedruthan (my only other problem with it is that I get carsick just thinking about that road!).

AllyWB · 18/02/2004 23:57

Can throughly recommend Bedruthan. We went last Easter and are going this year for our Summer hols, although only for a week as too expensive for longer.

At Bedruthan the main bedrooms have a blind between the parents and childrens area which gives some privacy. Our kids will be 2 & 6 so we don't want them too far away. The childcare facilities are fantastic. Last time our eldest took swimming lessons and came home being able to swim. The atmosphere is so pleasant the staff can't do enough for you. The area is quite quiet and the beach which is at the bottom of the cliff is very clean. Its the best holiday we've ever had with children and you even get the evening meal to just the two of you as the children have to go to a club where they play or have a story. Hope this helps

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