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How many outfits do you take on holidays for your toddlers?

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longwaytogo · 18/04/2006 16:57

I always try and cut down on the amount of clothes we take on holidays. We are going for three weeks to France on 19th May. Every year we have been and the weather has been brill so how many shorts, t shirts, trousers, cardigans etc would you take.

Same goes for two teenagers.

We don't tend to go out in the evening so no going out clothes necessary really.

Any ideas greatfully recieved

OP posts:

cece · 18/04/2006 17:03

For a week away I would take an outfit a day plus a couple of spares. But for 3 weeks I wouldn't have enough clothes! Have you got washing facilities. Take about a weeks wortha nd then you only have to do two lots of washing?


CHICagoMUM · 18/04/2006 17:05

We always take far too much. I think the general rule is lay it all out and then pack half. TBH with toddler's when it is really hot we tend to let them run around in just a nappy.


zebrama · 18/04/2006 18:58

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longwaytogo · 18/04/2006 22:10

mmm I always afraid i will get bored of seeing them in same clothes over and over again. 3 wks seems such a long time.

OP posts:

zebrama · 19/04/2006 17:19

i have set aside clothes i really liked, & not used them 4 months b4 a hol, just 2 avoid the boredom factor.

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