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Bristol Zoo

5 replies

jofeb04 · 11/03/2006 21:12

Does anyone know how much it'll cost for two adults, 1child just turned two, and a 5month old?

Also, which side of bristol is it, m4side or devon side (IYKWIM), as we're coming over from wales!


OP posts:

waterfalls · 11/03/2006 21:13

\link{\try here}


mootoo · 16/03/2006 14:58

Not sure where it is or how much it costs, but thought i would add that it is great! I went there last year, and had a fantastic day.


WideWebWitch · 16/03/2006 15:01

If you're coming from Wales come over the second severn and follow the signs, I think you come off on the M49 (?), it's not far from the bridge, half an hour as long as it's not rush hour.


WideWebWitch · 16/03/2006 15:02

Ooh I was right, here you go

From the M5: J17 take the A4018 then follow brown elephant signs. From Bristol City Centre: follow the brown elephant signs and/or signs to Clifton. From South Wales, use the second Severn crossing (M4), take the M49 then the M5, J18 (A4).


yeahinaminute · 16/03/2006 15:28

Not massively expensive - But - the monkey enclosure is being re - done (Visions of Laurence Llewllyn Bowen and Linda Barker for a minute there!!) and so no chimps, monkeys etc - had to tell disappointed DD that they were on holiday. On being asked where I told her in a caravan in Brean .... 3 months later she's still telling everyone who may be interested that the monkeys go to a caravan in Brean !!

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