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Ski resort within driving distance of Strasbourg?

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Nightynight · 21/02/2006 13:04

does anyone know of a ski resort that isnt up its own a**e, suitable for beginners, within driving distance of Stasbourg?

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fredly · 21/02/2006 16:54

I did a paragliding course in Gerardmer, I don't remember if there was a ski resort there but if it's hilly enough for paragliding it might be for skiing, worth checking.


LIZS · 21/02/2006 17:05

Couple of suggestions here under the Enjoying nature section but there are porbably some down towards the Black Forest too.


fredly · 21/02/2006 17:18


Nightynight · 23/02/2006 19:21

thank you everyone, I think the Vosges resorts look good. I want a small place where real French families go, not one of the big international ones full of City boys whizzing around on black runs...

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