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Travelling with prescription drugs

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SueW · 03/08/2003 18:05

We're going to Majorca in a few weeks and DD has just been prescribed medication (domperidone) which has to be taken three times a day.

The bottle is quite clearly marked with the details, her name, dispensing phamrmacy, hospital, etc dosage, type of drug, etc.

Does anyone know of a good place to find out whether I need any extra paperwork? Do I need to contact the Spanish Embassy or something? I seem to remember some very common drugs like codeine are illegal in Greece and others available only by prescription here are available over the counter in other countries.

OP posts:
whymummy · 03/08/2003 18:12

hi sue,i could find out for you but im sure theres no problems in spain

suedonim · 03/08/2003 19:17

When I took drugs abroad with me I wanted to be certain so I obtained a letter from my GP on headed notepaper, stating that she had prescribed them for me. It was FOC, though I think they can charge, if they want to.

As it was, no one queried anything. You can buy almost anything in Indonesia and I now have enough period pain tablets to last dd until her menopause and antibiotics to cure a worldwide pandemic!

SueW · 03/08/2003 20:35

Thanks for your replies.

I have a discharge summary letter from the hospital which I think would suffice if the details were correct e.g. not addressed to 'Dr G Unknown'! And unsigned!

I have had time now to search around on Google and I found a page which said that there's some agreement between EC countries that up to 3 months supply of prescribed drugs, as long as not controlled, is ok. The medicine is available OTC here and seems quite mild so I guess (uh-oh!) it will be ok.

OP posts:
Loobie · 04/08/2003 22:44

i seem to remember seeing a number to call in the wee book that comes with the e111 forms to find out about what medications are ok to take abroad.

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