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c section scar

19 replies

Saacsmum · 21/03/2005 02:23

ok, having a generally stressed time at mo, one thing that would put my mind at ease is to hear from those who had a c-section, how long was your scar raised,red and itchy (sorry if too much info) Mine is also sometimes uncomfortable in jeans etc also, it has been six months since my son was born.

OP posts:
survivour · 21/03/2005 02:43

Hi Saacsmum, I have had 3 c-sections, one on top of the other. Thinking back now, I can't remember when the scar smoothed its self down. My youngest is now 33 months old. But stress does seem to make the scar more raised and itchy, and even now if I over stretch my self, maybe to reach for something high on a shelf, my scar pulls and hurts for a while afterwards. But now my scar is flat and just a fine white sliver of a mark.

highlander · 21/03/2005 04:02

my DS is 6.5 months. My scar is still raised (v. thin line) but almost comletely faded. Itching stopped a copuple of months ago.

Have you tried seeing a sports physiotherapist to break down any scar tissue around the site? Didn't need it myself but previously it's worked very well for scar tissue on torn leg muscles.

kid · 21/03/2005 07:47

Mine is flat and smooth but the area is still numb, DS will be 3 in a couple of weeks.
Often get pain on one side of it but it doesn't hurt much, just a bit uncomfortable.

uwila · 21/03/2005 08:20

I remember mine itching for a while, but can't remember how long (maybe as long as a year?). It has now been 2 years (exactly). I am pregnant again so I can't see it to tell you what it looks like now.

I have generally found the recovery and susequent consequences of having had a caesarean to be very tolerable. Planning another one in May.

vkone · 21/03/2005 08:57

Hi there, mines 14 months old and whilst it is only slightly red and raised (I'm an ace healer), it still itches like nobodies business, which can be abit embarressing at times (I can't resist an itch!). It seems to get worse if it's hot and usually I slap cocoa butter on it cos it's cold and soothing.

I asked my DH about this, cos he's got way more post-op scars than me and he said it was normal.

nightowl · 22/03/2005 00:54

hi, i dont remember how my first scar was apart from it healed really well and i never had a problem with it. (it was invisible). my second one was awful for weeks, felt as if the whole area was raw and burning! dd is 14 months now and i dont have any trouble with the scar apart from a sharp twinge in the right side very very occasionally (that was the worst side at the time). its flat now and a pinky colour still with a slight "tuck" in that side and i still have the dreaded overhang! it doesnt itch, hasnt for a long time. i think at 6 months it was pretty much a mild annoyance rather than anything else (but still very red) if that helps at all.

ghosty · 22/03/2005 01:10

My scar is not great to be honest.
I had a lovely neat scar after DS (flat tummy and invisible scar by 6 months) but 13.5 months after DD it is still red, still itchy, seems attached to something underneath as it pulls up into a wonky smile on the right ... nice little pudgy overhang too ... despite the fact that I have pretty much back to pre preggy weight now ...

chipmonkey · 22/03/2005 02:12

is have always had an overhang after every c-section. Definitly tummy-tuck/ liposuction material!

MamaMaiasaura · 22/03/2005 02:16

I call mine my kangaroo pouch.. if i ever have another i am deff asking ofr a bit of a tuck {grin}

chipmonkey · 22/03/2005 16:38

Can you ask for a bit of a tuck? If I go again it will be my last and will be having tbes tied. I thought you could get a tck if you were
Victoria Beckham, not sure about ordinary mortals!

MamaMaiasaura · 22/03/2005 21:19

i dont know chipmonkey but i will still ask (if you dont ask dont get)

MamaMaiasaura · 22/03/2005 21:19

i dont know chipmonkey but i will still ask (if you dont ask dont get)

Nixz · 22/03/2005 22:18

after 4 years my scar is fairly flat, although the sunbed doesnt help!!! I have a terrible overhang (is that the right way to describe it, sounds awful!!) and my tummy looks slightly lopsided - god when i put it like this - somebody shoot me!!!! I thought everyone got a overhangy bit. Do they reopen the old scar for a second c-section, and if youve had 1 - do all pregnancies have to result in a section? As for itchy etc, after about 12 months that stopped but its still numb in the area.

happymerryberries · 22/03/2005 22:21

I am also lopsided! I thought that I was the only one!

Nixz · 22/03/2005 22:23

YAY! Why do you think that is?

chipmonkey · 23/03/2005 13:45

Nixz, they do re-use the same scar, better than a zebra effect! And ususally you have the option of a vaginal birth after 1 CS, After 2 they usually recommend not to try for VB

franke · 23/03/2005 13:55

Mine is quite lumpy after 2.6 years and a vbac (which made it go quite red again). After giving birth last year my midwife (in Germany) gave me a few acupuncture sessions around the scar area. This resulted in about 2 cm at each end of the scar being reduced in lumpiness quite dramatically and also the feeling began to come back to the whole area.

Nikkichik · 23/03/2005 14:27

My scar is still red and a bit lumpy - dd is 3!. I guess it just proves that we all heal in different ways!

Pagan · 23/03/2005 14:36

Mine is still red and raised but not itchy and DD is almost 19 months. When I gave birth naturally for second baby, the midwife commented on my scar, saying that it wasn't a very good job that had been made of it and that it should be white and hardly noticable. Until then I hadn't bothered about it and just presumed it was normal but without getting it corrected I shan't be wearing mini bikinis or sporting brazilian waxes!

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