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Adverse reaction to third set of Imms?

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Levanna · 06/01/2005 23:32

Hi, I'm not quite sure what would constitute an adverse reaction as opposed to an acceptable one? (Hope that makes sense!) DD2 had her third set of immunisations at 18 weeks yesterday. She had mild temps with the first two sets, but has had on and off quite a high temp this time (though now, thankfully that seems to have abated). She is incredibly unsettled now though, no temp, no raised fontanelle, breathing normal, but crying whenever she wakes. (She never crys for more than 30 seconds usually, I'm not exaggerating, she's usually realy easy to comfort.)
So, has anyone any experience of an adverse reaction to the fairly new imms, or any advice to offer? (She's now sleeping soundly.)

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happynewessbee · 06/01/2005 23:36

Message withdrawn

happynewessbee · 06/01/2005 23:36

Message withdrawn

Levanna · 06/01/2005 23:40

Hi essbee, she's not got a temp anymore, I'm concerned that she's unsettled, just not herself. I think you are probably right, maybe she's just feeling extremely groggy, I'll give NHS direct a call (one of the few numbers I can recall at will !)

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Levanna · 06/01/2005 23:41

(...sorry, forgot to say thanks! )

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happynewessbee · 06/01/2005 23:41

Message withdrawn

happynewessbee · 06/01/2005 23:42

Message withdrawn

Levanna · 06/01/2005 23:52

It is difficult . I tend towards slightly neurotic at the best of times! She's still napping happily (at last!) but I'm going to call ND now, just in case.

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colditzmum · 06/01/2005 23:55

The third set of jabs is stronger than the first two, Have you given her any calpol, I think 18 weeks is old enough unless she is under 10 ponds or something like that. Let us know what NHS Direct say.
hope your baby is ok

Levanna · 07/01/2005 00:03

Hi colditzmum, I did give her a little calpol during the night (last night) but, this evening I haven't....I wanted to see how or if she changed....I mean I didn't want to mask anything I should be aware of. (Does that make sense?)
I've spoken to ND ( the call handler recognsed me from a previous call! Oh dear.) It's going to be about an hour before I get a call back, and that's on a fairly high priority (maybe I've been filed under 'Hypochondriac on behalf of children, or some such'!
Thank you for your well wishes.

OP posts:
Levanna · 07/01/2005 23:18

Thanks for your help last night. NHS Direct were quite reassuring and little one is much better today .

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happynewessbee · 08/01/2005 01:12

Message withdrawn

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