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Tender breast - anyone else experienced this for no apparent reason?

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Lonelymum · 17/11/2004 09:27

I am not pregnant, breast-feeding and it is not cyclical. I have had a tender right breast for about 3 weeks now, gradually getting a bit more noticable, or maybe I am just becoming more concerned about it. I know I should see a doctor but I have always had an unfounded fear of breast cancer (I am not high risk at all) and I am scared to go. My medical encyclopaedia implies that if there is tenderness, it is not likely to be cancer, but I would like reassurance. Has anyone else experiendced this? It is very mild tenderness, the sort that if it was anywhere else in the body you probably wouldn't notice it at all and I certainly wouldn't go to the doctor with it. But this is the breast...

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noddy5 · 17/11/2004 09:37

I have had this for about 2 weeks now.My dh has told me to go to doctor but the pain is not severe and I am also scared.I have looked on websites and apparently strained muscles anywhere in the chest area can cause breast pain.Mine co incided with a bad bout of flu and I assumed it would go but am almost fully recovered from flu and still have sore breast.It is not the same as monthly pain and I am finding it hard to describe tbh.

Lonelymum · 17/11/2004 09:41

Sounds similar to mine. Mine really isn't bad in itself, hardly noticable most of the time, but it is the fact of where it is that is frightening me. What to do?

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noddy5 · 17/11/2004 09:43

I am going to wait until the end of my next period and if I still have it Im off to gp.Like you say its not that bad infact the pain is very mild but it is the location and for me the newnwss of it as it is unlike anything Ive felt before

Lonelymum · 17/11/2004 09:49

Oh dear, by your reckoning I should go to doc as my period has just ended I know what you mean. I have only felt like this when pregnant, which I am definitely not now.

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noddy5 · 17/11/2004 09:53

I tried going braless yesterday in case that helped but it didn't for me Hot baths and paraceolmol also no good

feezy · 17/11/2004 10:28

Lonelymum I can't believe this post. I have got a tender left breast. It is nagging away at me all the time. My period started yesterday and they were both sore but the left one is much worse.over the last few years I've been to the doctors twice. The second time earlier this year - She examined me and said everything was fine and asked when I last got measured for a bra ( an't remember ) and said it does make a difference. I thought it might be my dog who pulls on lead and I tend to hold him with left hand .Also I sleep on my left side and thought that might be squashing my boob! LAst night told dh that it was becoming a problem again and he said wait until after period and go docs again. I'm scared to. My mum had breast cancer 5 years ago and a friend 0f 36 was diagnosed in october and has just started chemo . I couldn't sleep on wednesday night for worrying. But I have also read pain is not often a sign of cancer but we shouldn't ignore it .

Lonelymum · 17/11/2004 13:32

If I had your medical history Feezy, I would be down the doctors like a shot. I know how scared you must be feeling but you need to know if it is cancer. HIGHLY unlikely, I'm sure. TBH, my mother is a doctor and I spoke to her on the phone today. She said it is unlikely to be cancer but it should be looked at. She said if the pain went away when a period finished, it was more likely to be hormonal, but that isn't the case for me. I am beginning to think it is muscle strain, but it is nicer to think that than the alternative. I know I should see the doctor, but I am putting it off for another day at least.

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kizzie · 17/11/2004 14:06

Hi - I have a strong family history of BC and often get checked for various lumps.
They usually say that pain is more likely to a sign of something like a blocked milk duct or a harmless cyst but as everyone else has said you should always get something checked out - puts your mind at rest if nothing else.

feezy · 17/11/2004 18:35

My mums breast cancer was not of the genetic type and they said it was due to menopause and hormonal changes.
the breast pain flares up and down and I think obviously cancer wouldn't do that and as it has been on and off for a year or so I'm sure it would have got progressively worse if bc. I won't ignore it but like Noddy I think I'm coming down with something - sore throat , aching back , neck etc there is a horrible bug thing at school.

Lonelymum · 19/11/2004 16:14

Just wanted to add the following in case anyone else reads this at a later date and has the same worries as me.

I saw the doctor today and she examined me and found no lumps or anything unusual. She suggested the tenderness wasn't actually in the breast tissue at all, just felt like it was. She recommended some exercise and said tenderness in breasts might be a result of too much caffeine (tho not in my case). She also said that breast cancer lumps are not painful/tender, so that put my mind at rest even though the tenderness continues.

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